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Successfully Treat Patient Obesity - Webinar Series & PPT Files

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   This educational program is designed for practitioners to develop skills necessary to successfully medicalize the obesity problem and treat it as a chronic neurochemical and metabolic disorder.

At the end of this archived webinar series, a healthcare provider will be capable of diagnosing and evaluating a patient with obesity; Confidently prescribe and implement a treatment pathway that utilizes behavioral, nutritional, nutraceutical, pharmacologic and hormonal modalities to achieve success; Counsel patients about the principles for long-term maintenance to avoid the syndrome of weight regaining.

When I saw this webinar I thought, "Wow! Finally this is something I really need to learn about."  I frequently get patients who come in for weight loss. They have been on every type of diet, their hormones are balanced , they have been detoxed, their food allergies have been addressed the list goes on and on and I can’t get them to lose the weight they are looking for.  I felt I hit a brick wall on a daily basis.  Seeing this webinar I hope to break through that wall and finally start to help patients with their weight loss.
- Nancy Lentine, ACAM Member


Christopher Keroack, MD
First Impressions: The Initial Workup & Comorbidities
Your first moments in front of a new patient can make or break the doctor/patient relationship - especially in regards to a topic as sensitive as one's weight. In this lecture attendees will learn the critical behavioral and interactive skills necessary to establish a trusting bond and set the foundation for success. Clinicians will know the essential elements of history, physical, laboratory and ancillary testing to perform. Common mistakes to avoid when approaching the topic of obesity will also be discussed. 

The Role of Physical Activity and Exercise in Weight Loss
What is movement's role in weight loss? This lecture will cover what we know from the literature and clinical experience regarding the type and dose of exercise that best supports weight loss and maintenance. Practical ideas for preservation of lean body mass will be offered. The notion that exercise is sufficient for weight loss will be refuted.

Meal Replacements, Protein Shakes and Bars: Making the Best Choices
After viewing this lecture clinicians will be capable of discriminating between different types of meal replacements and the different qualities of proteins and other ingredients. The evidence regarding meal replacements will be presented. Clinicians will be capable of guiding their clients towards short and long-term use to achieve success in obesity management.

Kristina Spellman, RD, LD
Macro-Nutrients and the Glycemic Index - Guides for Weight Loss

Understand the merits and limitations of various macronutrient proportions when it comes to daily food intake. Is your patient eating what they should? How could they better benefit? Learn the ins and outs of using the glycemic index and the glycemic load concept to help guide your patients toward better food selections. Is your patient consuming too much sugar and other at-risk nutrients and doesn't realize it? Discussion of the various macro nutrients and their proportion in regard to weight reduction will also be covered.

Mark Tremblay, PhD
Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: What Matters Most in Health Maintenance

This fascinating lecture will give clinicians knowledge regarding the toxic effects of sedentary behavior, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and the evidence that the absence of such activity correlates with decreased wellness. Learn how to better guide your clients toward healthy lifestyles while discriminating between the value of intermittent high-intensity exercise and a daily routine of physical activity. A holistic approach for weight management and improving health - help your clients know that going to the gym is NOT a necessary evil they must endure.

Stephen Petteruti,AOA, ABBM, AAAM, DO
Nutritional Behavioral Change: Motivational Interviewing for Weight Loss
After broaching the topic of obesity, as a practitioner you must then foster a motivational relationship with your patient. Attendees will learn how to use motivational interviewing techniques to direct changes in clients nutritional behavior and support successful weight loss and weight maintenance.A direct correlation between behavioral change and weight loss will be established. Patient encounters, documented via video, will be shared.

Drugs that Contribute to Obesity & the Risks of Rapid Weight Loss
Is your patient having difficulty losing weight? Could the answer be hiding in their medicine cabinet? This lecture will provide an overview of commonly prescribed drugs that con
tribute to obesity, as well as offer alternatives. Over-the-counter drugs that stimulate obesity will be covered. Rapid weight loss and its risks, including loss of muscle mass, loss of bone, compromise of immune system and more will be detailed as well.

Prescription Drugs for Treating Obesity
A detailed overview of all the drugs that are approved, as well as drugs that are successful when used off label to help treat obesity will be presented. Knowing which drugs to use, when to use them and how long to use them for will all be addressed. The concept of "sequential polypharmacy" will be discussed as it relates to success when treating obesity.

Supplements & Nutraceuticals for Weight Loss

This lecture will focused on evidence-based information regarding supplements that work for treating obesity. We will also identify supplements to avoid that have weak evidence for benefit. In addition to addressing nutraceuticals for treating obesity, the use of supplements to support health and to address side effects will be covered. The fund of knowledge acquired from the lecture will get practitioners the option of offering a "non-drug pathway" for treating ob

An Overview of Popular and Fad Diets

Raw food diets...Alkaline diets...Blood Type diets...the Werewolf diet? Fad diets are popular in the news, but are they successful? If your clients have experienced with many different attempts at weight reduction, this lecture will enable you to understand the elements of fad diets and why they fail - making it easier to switch them to a healthier solution while empathizing with their situation. Get knowledgeable and help them understand the difference between fad diets that are likely to be futile and your medical approach and has a high probability of success.Knowledge regarding the elements of fad diets will be helpful to us when discussing our clients history. Nearly all of them have tried some form of diet and they will want to know that you are familiar with these diets and how your approach is different.

Bringing It All Together: Case Studies and Practical Application

Case studies will be presented highlighting elements of all the prior knowledge and demonstrating how it can be successfully integrated to achieve great outcomes.


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