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Allergy Breakthroughs of 2018
Theories abound as to why food allergies are on the rise. One suggests modern people are "too clean", another blames processed foods and yet another places the weight on what children eat during infancy. While the exact reason for the growing number of food allergies is unproven, it is clear that they are more prevalent.

More than 53,000 U.S. households were surveyed between October 2015 and September 2016. Allergy to tree nuts increased 18% from 2010 when data was last collected, and allergy to shellfish increased 7%. Peanut allergies increased by 21%. Also evident was an increase in occurrence in black children compared to white children, with peanut allergies about 50% higher.

A multitude of studies are taking place to manage these staggering numbers and recent breakthroughs are bringing hope to those affected. Read the below to learn more:

Putting an end to allergic reactions: Newly found mechanism could pave the way
Discovery could lead to personalized medical therapies for emerging food allergy disorder
Genetic causes of children's food allergies
Introducing highly allergenic foods to infants and children
Talking to children about their food allergy
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Case Study Announced:

Preventing and Reversing Chronic Inflammation for More Optimal Results Case Study:
High Blood Pressure, Memory Loss, Asthma, Allergies, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, TMJ, Obesity, Oral Infections 

About the Lecture:
Case studies of patients with multiple and complex problems will be discussed by a panel of clinicians of different specialities and disciplines to demonstrate the value of and possible methods to engage in collaborative care for more optimal outcomes.

Learn more about the study and speakers HERE!

Join the pioneers of integrative medicine in the 3-for-1 annual meeting and trade show with ACAM, AAPMD & AAOSH as we uniquely demonstrate collaboration by crossing traditional borders between doctors and dentists, which will impact treatments available to a nation riddled with chronic disease. 

Introducing a Partnership in Genetically Guided Nutrition!
Genetically guided nutrition is here! BodySync's NutriSync Genetic Nutrition and Fitness Assessment is a cutting-edge tool designed to help health practitioners better understand and guide patients' nutrition and fitness goals. Health Products Distributors, Inc. is a preferred supplier of high-quality, nutritional supplements to NutriSync Professionals. To learn more about our supplements, or become a NutriSync professional, visit:
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