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Robert Rowen Tackling Ebola Head On
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Dear ACAM members and others.
I wish to invite you to the upcoming oxidation workshop featuring Silvia Menendez of Cuba, a world class teacher and lecturer. You will not be disappointed. I have heard her several times now, inclusive of about 4 weeks ago in Cuba at the IAOHD meeting, where I also spoke.

Dr. Menendez will speak for at least 3 hours on ozone. Her information is, simply put, astounding. I am planning about one hour on ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UBI). However, admittedly, that could change. Attached is a letter I sent to family and friends regarding my imminent trip to Sierra Leone, at the invitation of their President, to instruct, and treat ebola patients with ozone, and perhaps any other oxidation therapy at my disposal. So, you may get a most amazing workshop, as I do expect to have results to share with you.

Please come to the workshop. If ebola does get rooted in our land, we had best be prepared to treat it with a powerful, effective, incredibly safe, and very inexpensive therapy. This is a workshop that deserves packing to the rafters.

Robert Rowen, Chairman - Oxidation Workshop


To my family, friends and patients:
This is basically a joint letter from Dr. Howard Robins and myself to everyone in our lives who care about what is going on in the world. He sent one to his group. This nearly mirror letter goes to my group.
Thank you ALL for your love, your concern, your support and even your worries about our upcoming mission of mercy to West Africa.
My physician/nurse wife, Terri has been very supportive and recognizes that any risk I am taking is for the greater good of the entire world. My extended medical family remains extremely concerned, not understanding of the curative powers of ozone therapy. (Hence, I am not to touch an ebola patient, but I will treat our American team every day we are there.) However, my medical family realizes there is great danger to the entire world in the face of this epidemic.
In the meantime, the humanitarian mission is expanding in ways I could not have imagined!
Dr. Howard Robins and I will be working with Dr. Kojo Carew from Sierra Leone. He is a scholar, a humanitarian and a medical examiner as well. He is a humanitarian hero of the “blood diamonds” horror of years ago. ( He is personal friends with the president of SL. Carew has 2 hospitals. His hospitals do not treat Ebola now. The government has set up a central center run by SL government alone, not controlled by any other government. All Ebola patients we might oversee will be held there.
The President of SL, probably on arrival, will receive us. We will be taken to a non-patient center where we can begin teaching our methods and special Ebola protocols. The doctors we train will soon thereafter begin treatments in the SL treatment center.
We do not intend to treat any Ebola patients ourselves. The risk is not necessary. We will oversee the training and treatment by our trainees.  We will be teaching them everything Dr. Robins knows about the Robins Method of DIV Ozone Therapy gained over the past 23 years. I will teach them everything else about ozone and other oxidation therapies, and every other method of delivery, from rectal to joints. We will prepare them to receive ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy if that equipment follows us. We will also be directly treating malaria patients. I will be carrying a ton of gloves with me.
Dr. Robins and I cannot sit by and watch what is certainly going to happen and affect all the people of the world. This threat is far greater and more real than any terrorist threat. We have faith and trust that this medicine will work. No one knows anything for sure. We cannot just sit on the beach as expert swimmers and watch a person drown. I could not live with and sleep peacefully with this on my conscience. “Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all”.

To rest your concerns: During our time there we will have special protective uniforms against biological organisms that we will bring with us, along with special head gear, and respirators to protect us. We will do DIV ozone therapy daily on each other. We are not fearful at all of becoming ill. We will wear special respirators while on our plane flight home as well.
The President of SL has issued executive orders permitting us to go to work there to save lives. He seems very interested in going “outside the box” of the idiocy of ineffective conventional approaches and blinded foreign government assistance. We will be working within a domestic facility that WE will be directing for our therapies, and not at the mercy of vested financial interests.
We will be housed in the home of  Dr. Carew, whose house has been made as insect proof as one can make it, and we will be fed with food that has been ozonized for decontamination, in an environment that has been specially sterilized by ozone equipment.
Dr. Carew tells us that things are very calm in his country compared to Liberia where there is great danger. The government in SL is very stable and its president walks the streets unguarded and talks with the plain folk, just as it happened in the USA 150 years ago.
There will be doctors there from all over West Africa to learn. Dr. Carew is very well connected continent wide. He feels this a HUGE event for their country. He knows the power of what we do and the government wants us to assist in setting up treatments for infectious diseases all over SL and throughout Africa. You cannot imagine the benefits of what this medical therapy can do. I have been using it for nearly 30 years!
The epidemic is real. It has reached our shores.  We are not alarmists. Please understand, it will be pandemic within 24 months. It is a “plague of biblical proportions”. There is NO real hope now for one infected with conventional treatment. There is only a 50-80% probability of dying. In our country we have healthier people and better medical care available, so we feel the death rate may be significantly cut in half to 4 to 5 out of 10! This is still unacceptable, particularly if it happens to someone in your family.
Our government has recognized this and is taking action but it will take too long for any effective new treatment to be developed. By then, tens of thousands, if not more, may die here. Who will be there to save you if it spreads and flies in the skies on the airplanes to every place you are? We have an opportunity to bring a cure forward and give hope. And, if ozone does what we firmly believes it can do for ebola, just imagine the lightning it will create for other maladies of the world synthetic drugs can only palliate. Infections are becoming untreatable across the board. Ozone therapy could be the first step in medical enlightenment.  
Dr. Robins and I are leading a small team that is unlike anything in the conventional medical world, and if we do not do it, it will not likely get done at all, and millions of lives around the world will certainly be lost. It feels strange to be placed in this position.  “Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all”.
One of our team is an ozone decontamination expert who is bringing equipment to sterilize our treatment facility! Ozone kills pathogens 10 times faster than does chlorine or bleach. It does not leave an awful residue or odor. It will wipe out the virus in seconds on anything we treat! I will bring rectal ozone equipment for babies and children too small for intravenous therapy. Michael Kinzer, MD is a medical epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He flew to West Africa in late July and spent five weeks in Guinea helping to respond to the Ebola crisis. He says that the virus is fragile and disintegrates quickly on surfaces. ( That is good for us regarding our personal safety. Kinzer reports it is housed in a lipid envelope. The latter is especially useful for us clinically. Ozone particularly targets lipids. Again, ozone is 10 times as lethal to these viruses as is any form of chlorine. Please note, he did not come back with ebola!  
The infectious disease experts seem totally ignorant. Worse, they are DELIBERATELY closed to anything but their own paradigm. That cannot be excused.  Be that as it may we are in a position to let the people of the world who become exposed to the virus know that they can be expeditiously treated and saved from a horrible and certain death.
I thank you all again for all your kind thoughts, prayers and best wishes for our success. I want to thank all those who have already made donations for equipment and transport of equipment, and to Longevity Resources of Canada for their gracious donation of 10 ozone generators.
If you wish to donate financially to our mission, which donations will NOT be used for our personal travel expenses, but for equipment, supplies and assisting the excursion of the decontamination expert, please send your check, made payable to Central Nassau County Rotary Foundation (tax deductible 501-c(3) Foundation) and mail to Dr. Howard Robins at:
200 W 57th St #207, New York, NY 10019.
Thank you for your assistance, thoughts and prayers,
Robert Rowen, MD
PS For those coming to our upcoming oxidation class on November 1, 2014, Terri will let you know the last week of October if I am detained in travel and forced to reschedule the seminar for early December. Please don’t make any changes to your plans at this time. I plan to be back several days before the seminar. I needed to schedule this trip to Sierra Leone for these days due to the urgent request I received from Dr. Carew, the immediate opportunity to save many lives, and my own schedule. You will directly benefit from our experience overseas at this upcoming meeting!

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