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June 13-15
2019 Mental Health America Conference, "Dueling Diagnoses: Mental Health and Chronic Conditions"
Washington, DC

June 27
Early registration discount ends for ACAM Annual Meeting

October 17-19
ACAM Annual Meeting
(held in conjunction with AAPMD)

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IM Mentor
Dr. Dana Cohen: Regaining the Love of Medicine
Dana Cohen, MD, PC, says her
passion for Integrative Medicine stems from a belief that medicine is an art, and a patient-centered, holistic approach is the vital first step on the path to overall health and wellness. In this video, she talks about how miserable she was during medical school and as an internist. "I wish I knew when I was a medical student [that] this kind of medicine existed."  
She started her career working with Dr. Robert Atkins, author of the iconic Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, and Dr. Ronald L. Hoffman, a pioneer of integrative medicine and founder of the Hoffman Center in New York City. She earned her MD from St. George's University School of Medicine and completed a three-year internal medicine residency at Albany Medical Center.
Read more about her and her latest book HERE.  
View the video interview HERE.
IM Professional
Doctors of integrative medicine encourage patients to pursue an overall healthy lifestyle, recognizing that work-life balance, social supports and lots of little daily habits can have profound effects on physical and mental health.

Surveys show, however, that doctors aren't always the best at practicing what they preach. Burnout is pervasive and devastating. Often, it starts in medical school
with exhaustion, emotional detachment, and feelings of incompetency, uselessness or alienation. 
  • Med School Insiders document the key factors of medical school burnout and call for change. "Ultimately, burnout is more of a systemic issue than a personal issue."
IM Advocacy
The fight continues to protect access to compounded medications, and we need your help!
Despite a long history of safe use and patient need, the FDA has blocked patient access to ingredients used in compounded medications and is in the process of reviewing and potentially blocking access to more.
The FDA requested that more than 300 substances that are currently compounded be nominated for a review process to determine indications for use, history of use, safety, etc. About 95 percent of substances nominated have been denied during the FDA's review process, either through a public hearing or by being listed in categories that reduce patient access.
Learn more about the issue and how you can join the effort HERE.

IM Careers
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