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September 2015: ACAM Member of the Month
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Since the age of three Constantine (Gus) Kotsanis knew he wanted to be a doctor. He loved the smell of ether at his uncle’s surgical clinic in Athens. He was hooked on the mystique of medicine. Little did he know then that in November 2014 he would be kicking off his second thirty years of practice in Grapevine, TX.

He moved to the states as a teenager – eager to experience the American dream. His family settled in Chicago, where he attended Austin High School and went to Northern Illinois University. He then returned to Greece for medical school at the University of Athens. After finishing medical school he continued his specialty training in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery at Loyola University of Chicago which is when he met and married his wife and business partner Beverly.

Beverly, the practice CEO, a Loyola graduate with an extensive business background, worked in government, insurance and education before tackling the business of medicine.  Both Gus and Beverly are outside-the-box thinkers. They attribute this to being of Greek descent.

After moving to Texas in 1983, Kotsanis began the practice of medicine quite conventionally, doing surgery and allergy treatments.  Several years later he began to experience health problems.  After extensive testing he was told nothing was wrong with him. But he was in pain, fatigued and experiencing severe gastrointestinal issues. So he began to look for answers in less conventional places. This was before Google and the Internet. He had to find answers the old fashioned way – books, journals and other sick people. His answer came in the form of animal stem cells in Mexico.

At the same time, they realized that patients coming to them were more challenging. Treatments that worked before were no longer as effective.  What was happening? This is when they widened their horizons and turned to other disciplines for answers. Gus first explored the world of nutritional treatments for digestive disorders. It made sense that if digestion breaks down, nutrients can’t get where they’re needed and a cascade of deterioration begins.

Lyn Dart, a dietician and nutritionist who was then a master’s candidate at Texas Women’s University, worked in Kotsanis’ office and needed a project for her master’s thesis.  They had already begun using nutritional interventions to effect behavior changes in children with attention and behavior disorders, so they agreed to study the effects of diet and allergy in a group of autistic individuals.  Diets were designed for each child based on test results.  These individualized nutrition and allergy treatments proved to be highly beneficial and the results were presented at the annual meeting of American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. This research laid the foundation for biomedical treatment of autism. Lyn went on to get her Ph.D. and is now teaching nutrition science at Texas Christian University.

Thus began a long Kotsanis tradition of translational medicine (evidence-based research that is translated into practice).  Kotsanis Institute has done several studies in autism and currently has an active study on low dose chemotherapy and insulin for cancer.  They offer many different types of treatments for a wide array of conditions including hormone balancing, autologous stem cells, pain management, detoxification and oxidative therapies to name a few.  Gus has edited a book in which he authored a chapter on Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Cancer Treatment. (The Kinder, Gentler Cancer Treatment) and they co-authored an allergen-free nutrition and recipe book (Food for Thought – The Free Food Cookbook).

Together they created a medical practice that delivers health care that is customized to each person.  Their method in a nutshell is:

  • Listen to the patient’s goals
  • Draw them a roadmap and give them options on how to get there
  • Partner with them to help them stay focused


Now in the legacy phase of their careers, they are focused on educating people to take charge of their health.  This is why in 2011 they expanded their physical facility to accommodate the educational part of their mission. Kotsanis Institute’s monthly educational series, “Digging Deeper” offers subject experts sharing their knowledge during a one-hour gluten-free lunch. Afterward attendees can ask questions and even get a tour of the facility.

Kotsanis Institute would not be who they are today without the people that bring it to life.  The staff gives the institute a relaxed family feel.  Beverly Kotsanis says that the staff is her family and credits staff longevity and responsiveness with the fact that patients stay with the practice. Eighty percent of Kotsanis Institute patients are word-of-mouth referrals.

In addition to the Kotsanis commitment to education, Gus and Beverly have served on the Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board of the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation.  They also reach out to the Grapevine, Colleyville and Southlake    chambers and actively participate in the Leadership Colleyville program by sending key staff members for leadership training. Another key activity for the couple is educating elected officials on the emerging technologies that will influence the future of medicine.  Sometimes this involves testifying in Austin before legislative committees or visiting legislators personally.

While there is not a lot of down time at Kotsanis Institute or household, favorite pastimes include creating new recipes, travelling, reading, and catching up with family.  The couple has two grown children, Andrew 29 and Katerina 22.

Constantine A. Kotsanis, MD, Medical Director

Board Certified Otolaryngologist

Credentialed in Clinical Nutrition

Kotsanis Institute

2260 Pool Road
Grapevine, TX 76051


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