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October 2015: ACAM Member of the Month
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Dr. Thomas Hobbs DC MD PhD BCIM ABDA NRCME is a member and board certified by the prestigious American Association of Integrative Medicine AAIM. He is also certified in injection and intravenous nutrition MOCINA. He is also a member of the American society of bioregulatory medicine ASBMR. He specializes in integrative, bioregulatory, and functional medicine. He treats internal health disorders, as well as disorders of the nervous system and muscle and bone including all sports injuries. He is also licensed in acupuncture.  His clinic offers the latest in diagnostic cardiology, on site echo cardiograms, Doppler studies, ABI indexes. 

Dr. Hobbs is Board Certified Integrative Medicine, World Endocrine Society, International Hormone Society, World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine, American Society of Bioregulatory Medicine. Member of ACAM American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine, Member of ARI Autism Research Institute, Featured Speaker on Cardiovascular Disease for Health Care Professionals. He is published for his research in Cardiovascular Disease and has been selected to present his research to the Scripps Institute Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine in October 2015. 

Dr. Hobbs is a consultant and speaker for Boston Heart for his expertise in advanced lipids and is ACLS certified.  Dr. Hobbs is a member of the AMA American medical association, Certified United States Medical Examiner, IHS international hormone society, WSIM world society integrative medicine, ASBM American society bioregulatory medicine, National Registry of certified medical examiners.  Dr. Thomas Hobbs is fellowed by the American Board of disability analysts.

  Thomas Hobbs

Power Med, Inc.
16 Municipal Dr., Ste E
Arnold, MO 63010
(636) 296-1093

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