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March 2016: ACAM Member of the Month
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Born and raised in Iran, Dr. Ali Meschi left his family and his homeland to come to the United States in 1977 to pursue an education in conventional medicine at Case Western Reserve University, Ohio. But his life took a challenging but auspicious turn when the political crisis made it impossible to transfer funds, and he had to abandon his plans to become a conventional medical doctor.

Dr. Meschi moved to California in 1978, where he met and married his wife, Min. Having given up his plans in medicine, he tried a variety of other vocations, none of which were very satisfying.

Dr. Meschi and Min moved to Mission Viejo in 1989, settled there and had a son, Alex, who became the couple’s greatest joy. Shortly after the birth of their son, Dr. Meschi was diagnosed with two cancers. He was told by his doctor that there were no other treatment options except chemotherapy, and no cure his doctor knew of. Unwilling to go through a toxic therapy that offered no hope of recovery, Dr. Meschi decided to design his own course of treatment, with his conventional medical doctor agreeing to monitor his progress. He began an intense study of holistic medicine, creating a rigorous protocol of herbs, nutrition, lifestyle and dietary and changes, and various alternative therapies to bring his body back into balance. A devoutly spiritual man, he collaborated with his creator regularly to find a way to heal naturally, and help the son who meant so much to him and Min grow to manhood.

Shortly after completing his studies and graduating in 1999, he opened his holistic medicine practice and immediately began implementing the science-based nutritional and detoxification protocols he’d learned and used to heal his own illness, along with alternative modalities that he’d studied on his research trips to Germany, Japan, England and Geneva (to attend the Geneva Convention on Natural Health Medicine). When his clients improved after using these non-invasive, drug-free protocols, they’d share their stories with their conventional medical doctors, and Dr. Meschi began building strong collaborative relationships with some of these doctors, which he maintains to this day. His goal is never to malign one therapy over another, but to stay focused on what is best for the client (he likes to call them “health seekers,” rather than “patients,” or even “clients”), and how to advance the use of non-invasive therapies that are the most effective and least stressful on the body. He authors articles on his methods and presents his findings in various alternative medicine forums to further these goals.


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