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February 2020: ACAM Member of the Month
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Nigel Harrison, MBBS, CCT
Isle of Man, UK
Phone: 0044 7624 410242

Nigel Harrison, MBBS, CCT 
Learn about ACAM Member -Dr. Nigel Harrison- below:

1. Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from, where did you go to graduate school, how did you get into integrative medicine?
My name is Dr Nigel Harrison, and I qualified at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School London, UK in 1979. I trained as a physician and cardiologist while in the Royal Air Force and on leaving the RAF in 1996 took up the NHS post of Cardiologist/Physician in the Isle of Man. In 2006 I emigrated to New Zealand and worked for 8 years in the public system in Northland at Whangarei Hospital as cardiologist before returning to Isle of Man in 2014. I became interested in the impact of nutrition and its effects on vascular disease while working in NZ. I joined the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) and the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) and did several excellent courses with them. I then studied for the Certificate of Integrative Medicine at the University of Queensland. I had an inspirational GP colleague, Dr. Damian Wojcik in Whangarei who undertook intravenous nutritional and vitamin C therapy/chelation with excellent results in a wide variety of patients. I have since taught all my junior staff about the power of nutrition and aimed to include nutritional assessment and advice in all my consultations ever since.

2. How do you define yourself as a health professional?
I consider myself to be an holistic cardiologist and physician, with a mind that is open to the use of various complimentary therapies for which there is evidence of benefit. 

3. Why did you decide to become a member of ACAM?
I decided to join ACAM as part of studying Chelation therapy and doing the Advanced Chelation Practitioner course at the recent Nashville course. As I wish to start Chelation therapy in my patients, it is essential that I have a recognized accreditation.

4. Have you attended an ACAM meeting? If so, what do you like most about the meeting?
I haven’t been to an ACAM meeting yet other than the Chelation Practitioner course/examination in 2019. This was an excellent face-to-face meeting as a culmination of the on-line webinar course on Chelation therapy.

5. What advice would you give to students and early career practitioners?
In the UK, trainee doctors are generally not taught anything about nutrition. Conventional Medicine is so blinkered and narrow in its outlook, focusing almost exclusively in labeling patients with a diagnosis and then using evidence-based drug therapy that it misses the broader view and the enormous potential for non-pharmaceutical interventions. My advice to my colleagues has been to open their minds and seek out courses on Nutrition within the Natural Health community to broaden their knowledge base. 

6. Chelation Therapy: Your professional history with it?
My experience with Chelation has until now been that of an interested observer. Now as an accredited provider I am aiming to join with a colleague who is an holistic dentist to begin delivering a service in the Isle of Man. I am giving the Keynote lecture at the Hospital Grand Round on Chelation therapy in vascular disease and the TACT trial on 17th January. I hope to thus educate my NHS colleagues about the concept of Environmental Cardiology and the potential use of Chelation in vascular disease to. It is important that my colleagues appreciate that we do have something else to offer for those with symptomatic vascular disease in whom revascularization options are exhausted or medical therapy isn’t the answer. However, until TACT-2 proves the benefits seen in TACT, I can’t see this treatment being accepted as a mainstream option for health service patients.

7. Describe a current topic/study that you are excited about:
I am very excited to be moving towards starting to offer Chelation therapy for my vascular patients. 




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