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ACAM's Official Medical Professional Newsletter - The Voice - April 2015
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Seeking Nurse Practitioner
Decatur, IL
Medical Director
Lafeyette, IN
Integrative Practice for Sale 
Wilkesboro, NC
Physician Wanted 
Carmel, IN 
MD wanted
Orofino, ID
Physician Wanted 
Newport Beach, CA
Nurse Practitioner or Naturopathic Doctor Wanted
Amherst, NH
Functional Medicine Physician Wanted 
Westbury, NY
Full Time Provider (MD, DO, ND, ARNP, PA) Wanted 
Olympia, WA
Functional Medicine MD/DO Wanted 
Riverwoods, IL
Integrative Practitioner Wanted
Irvine, CA
Train, Eventually Own, Busy Practice
Suburb of Houston, TX
Chelation IV Nurse Wanted
Glendora, CA
MD/DO Preferred DO with Manipulation Skills
North Platte, Nebraska
Integrative Practitioner Wanted
Colchester, VT

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Your waiting room is full of patients with this metabolic disorder. You are treating all of their comorbidities, but treating the underlying cause, their obesity, can be difficult and frustrating.  Diets fail... Behavioral modification fails... Drug therapy has marginal impact... Nutraceuticals can be confusing and not fully effective...

Finally, an ANSWER! ACAM has developed a curriculum that pulls all of these loose ends together. It will enable you to practice the type of life changing medicine that continues to elude conventional medicine. 

Supplements and Your Practice

On the surface, the recent front page news regarding the New York Attorney General's cease and desist notification to four of the nation's largest retailers (Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC), ordering them to pull from their shelves certain store-brand herbal supplements, may not mean much to those physicians who have already been hesitant about encouraging their patients to use nutritional supplements.


But a closer look should stir up some cause for concern, especially among the complementary, alternative and integrative physician world, about what this attach on supplements may potentially mean for their practice going forward. Many integrative physicians support or even encourage their patients to supplement their diets with nutritional supplements, and nearly all trust that the products they are purchasing from their vendors and promoting to their patients are safe and effective. READ MORE 

The Importance of Recommending Clean Supplements
Reprinted with permission from Natural Practitioner Magazine
Starting in 2002, I entered the world of functional medicine. Up until that time, much of my nutrition consulting practice had been focused on ayurvedic, lifestyle, herbal and daily dietary recommendations, along with Health Food Channel over-the-counter supplementation. But that year, I began practicing in an integrative medical clinic. As those physicians were discovering
a more evidence-based approach to a holistic "alternative medical" practice with the support of the National Institute for Functional Medicine, I benefitted from the exposure. They utilized practitioner-exclusive product lines, and I had many opportunities to sit in on the visits from the reps..
Dr Anthony J. Bazzan's practice of meditation spurred an interest in Oriental Medicine and philosophy, which has led him over the years to an understanding of health and related issues broader than the conventional medical model. Areas such as Functional Medicine, Mind-Body medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, the relationship between Spirituality and Biology, Physics and Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Meditation, Clinical Biochemistry and Applied Nutrition, Detoxification, Bio Oxidative Medicine, Chelation and Intravenous Therapies, BioEquivalent Hormone Replacement, Integrative Cancer Care, Genetic Testing, and others have become a part of his life and practice are the basis for the creation of the Functional and Wellness Sciences Institute and his involvement with the Jefferson Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine. LEARN MORE
Dietary Guidelines to Share with Patients Who Wish to Live Healthy
- Frank McGehee, MD, CCN
Our bodies are 70 to 90% made of water. Sufficient hydration with water is critical for health. Few if any patients who come to us drink enough water. For those people who wish to nourish their kidneys and bodies, people should drink only spring water, or reverse osmosis filtered water. Green and white tea is good for your immune system, and the kidneys read these teas as hydration. For however much you weigh, you should drink ½ your body weight in water (in oz.) daily. Ex: 100 lbs = 50 oz. water. This amount of water is without any extra physical exertion.
Scientists warn of hormone impacts from benzene, xylene, other common solvents  - Environmental Health News
Four chemicals present both inside and outside homes might disrupt our endocrine systems at levels considered safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to an analysis released today. READ MORE 
Pols want NYCHA action after lead found in girl's blood
- New York Daily News 
A group of angry elected officials want to know why a 2-year-old girl, who has lived her entire life in public housing, has dangerously high levels of lead in her blood. READ MORE 
The sugar lobby's sour tactics - The Washington Post

Our mothers told us: Sugar is filled with "empty calories," and it can rot your teeth, make you fat and give you diabetes. They told us this because, unfortunately, it's true. READ MORE

Can Saltwater Quench Our Growing Thirst? - Ensia
Researchers and companies from the United States to Australia are fine-tuning a centuries-old concept that might be the future of quenching the world's thirst. READ MORE  
Patterns of Safety Lapses Where Group Worked to Battle Ebola Outbreak - New York Times 
Safety deficiencies at a treatment center staffed by Partners in Health, a charity that pledged to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, led to the closure of the center after two clinicians were diagnosed with Ebola.  READ MORE 
DNA Doesn't Decide Everything in Children's Genes - Newsweek 
Genes inherited by children from their parents are not completely determined by DNA and could be partially determined by factors such as diet and stress, new research has found. READ MORE
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