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September 2019: ACAM Member of the Month
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Nancy Lentine, DO
Nancy Lentine, DO, PA
70 E Main St Ste 1 Little Falls, New Jersey 07424 | 973.237.0700

Nancy Lentine, DO
I started practicing medicine in the early 90’s. I found myself following standard traditional, conventional medicine. I would see the patient, hear their story and give them a prescription. Over time, patients never got better. They just were being managed or they became sicker. So patients went elsewhere and would come back and tell me how they got better with nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes. After hearing this a few times, I decided it was time to educate myself.

I found ACAM through a colleague. Attending my first
conference over 10 years ago changed my life. ACAM help me grow into the physician I am today. I treat more than just symptoms. I try to find the reasons behind those symptoms like a detective trying to solve that mystery. Symptoms are just the body speaking to us about the dysfunction that is happening within the body.

Once I get the patient feeling better, I focus on keeping the body healthy. I look at the full potential of our body’s natural healing resources to not only extend our patient’s lives, but also to maximize their quality of life.

Through my training with ACAM, I have found answers to questions and real solutions to the cause of my patient’s health challenges. I feel confident in my treatment plan with includes lifestyle changes and often bioidentical hormonal intervention. 

This is not how my medical career began. I graduated from Pre-Med at LaSalle College (now LaSalle University) in Philadelphia. I then went to Kansas City and received my Osteopathic Medical degree at the University of Health Sciences. I then headed south to the University of North Texas where I did my internship at Dallas Family Hospital and my residency at the University of North Texas. I then joined the staff as a Associate Professor and started teaching Family Practice Residents.

I am grateful for the foundation that my osteopathic training as given to me. It taught me how to evaluate the entire person both medically as well as structurally. After working at several what I like to call “doc in the box practices” I decided to open up my own practice, a decision much frowned upon by my colleagues and work at my pace helping my patients.

Our practice emphasizes integrative medicine. We incorporate conventional western medicine with complementary treatments, This includes herbal medicine and nutrition in an effort to treat the entire person, and recognizing the codependent relationship between our organ systems and the body’s need for balance. By incorporating all the necessary resources of medical treatments -- both conventional and natural--I seek to restore this natural balance along with my patients health and vitality.

Our practice incorporates treatment regimens for hormone replacement, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, neurodegenerative disease, lyme disease, cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, cancer and other challenging conditions. We do extensive testing including neurotransmitter testing, heavy metal and nutrient testing, saliva hormone and cortisol testing, food sensitivity and gene snp analysis. We also offer IV vitamin and chelation therapy.

I am dedicated to a philosophy of preventive healthcare that emphasizes good nutrition. I consider the care of the whole body and treat the patient, not just the disease.



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