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December 2018: ACAM Member of the Month
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Ariel Causey, BS, MSN, FNP-C
Center for New Medicine & Cancer Center for Healing
Irvine, CA | 949.680.1880

Ariel Causey, BS, MSN, FNP-C
Ariel has been with Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing for the past year working under Dr. Connealy. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of Integrative Medicine to the clinic and will continue to work closely with our physicians, providers and patients.

Ariel has been working and learning in the health care field for over 10 years. With her experience in functional medicine, medical-surgical units, and nutrition as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, she provides quality care to all our patients. As Ariel garnered more experience in the medical field, working at chiropractor’s office at age 15, she saw how the human body has miraculous healing power and witnessed the effectiveness of natural remedies, supplements, allopathic medicine.

When Ariel began a pre-medicine track in her undergraduate studies, she saw physicians had a distancing in their work. Nursing, on the other hand, felt more compatible with Ariel’s skillsets and values as she valued the one-on-one interaction with patients– having the ability to guide them in variety of different ways using complementary and alternative therapies.

In her nursing program, she learned an important principle that is fundamental to her work today: “Bring kindness to all patients you come in contact with.” That struck a note with Ariel, as she understood that the best way to heal those around her was by equipping patients with education and information. She learned about all available treatment options (not just the conventional ways) such as medications and alternative methods to soothe systems, cure, or eliminate health problems. With a number of family members with significant illnesses (chronic pains, anxiety, depression) in her family, Ariel was armed with knowledge on how to reduce those aliments with holistic approaches.

As an advocate for patients, Ariel wants everyone to learn how to be comfortable and happy. Every year that she is here on earth, she continually learns new ways to treat her patients and herself. Above all, she values a balance between personal health, wellbeing and happiness.
Ariel studied Cell and Developmental Biology at California State University Fullerton and received her Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nursing Practitioner (MSN, FNP-C) at California Baptist University, where she has given guest lectures about Pathophysiology.


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