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ANH ACTION ALERT: 5G is The Next Big Public Health Experiment

Wednesday, June 19, 2019  
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ANH ACTION ALERT: 5G is The Next Big Public Health Experiment

Despite lack of testing, 5G is being launched in neighborhoods nationwide.

Recently, Verizon announced it would launch the next generation of wireless technology in dozens of cities by the end of 2019. The technology has already launched in Chicago and Minneapolis, and the company listed twenty more cities that can expect to see 5G network rollout in the coming months, with more locations to be announced. Yet there are still a number of critical safety questions to be answered. Simply put, we do not know the human health implications of launching 5G networks on a wide scale—and what information there is gives grave reasons for concern.

5G networks will be substantially different than the 4G networks currently in use. Whereas current 4G networks use up to 6 GHz, 5G will use frequencies between 24 GHz and 100 GHz, known as millimeter-wave frequencies. These smaller waves are more easily blocked by trees, buildings, and other objects in the world, which necessitates erecting many “small cell” towers to support the network. This means that dozens of these unsightly “small cells” will be installed in your neighborhood, which will emit millimeter waves and bathe neighborhoods in radiation.


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