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Increased Natural Vitamin D Levels Linked to Longevity

Wednesday, March 13, 2019  
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Increased Natural Vitamin D Levels Linked to Longevity

The secret to increased longevity may be found in the sun. Despite being demonized in past decades as being the culprit behind skin cancer, sun exposure is a bit of a double edge sword as getting the right amount is associated with healthy aging and reduced risk of certain cancers.

Small increase of natural vitamin D from the sun have been associated with longer telomeres in middle aged adults. Telomeres are like caps on the ends of chromosomes in cells to ensure they don’t fuse together or rearrange themselves, however telomeres shorten with age and the process can be sped up with factors such as poor diet, being overweight, and sedentary lifestyles which are all correlated with inflammation.


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