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ANH Urgent Alert: Funding Needed to Save Supplements

Monday, July 2, 2018  
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Urgent Alert from the alliance for Natural Health:

We need your immediate help to stop a new proposal from the Trump administration that has the potential to destroy your access to high quality and affordable dietary supplements.

We are asking our supporters to help fund our campaign as we swing into action and to send an immediate message to the White House and Congress. Please donate today, as much as you can.

As you know, we don’t send out appeals for funding very often, but this one is urgent.

Here what’s happened. The Trump administration has just proposed removing food regulation from the Food and Drug Administration and turning all of it over to the Department of Agriculture. The FDA would then be renamed The Federal Drug Administration.

When we heard this, we cheered. Since dietary supplements under federal law are considered food, this had to mean that both food and supplements would move to the Ag department. But, no, the proposal calls for supplements to remain in the new Federal Drug Administration.

Disaster! How could the Trump administration do this? Perhaps it’s simple ignorance. Perhaps they don’t know that supplements are legally food or that leaving them with drugs will destroy the supplement industry. We need to explain this to them and to Congress without a moment’s delay.

It’s really quite simple. As we all know, the drug companies already pay for a large part of the FDA expenses. FDA employees, paid by the drug companies, seem to think they are working for the drug companies or hope to work for the drug companies. Over and over, in every way possible, they try to eliminate any perceived competition for FDA approved drugs, and this includes healthy foods, medical foods, and supplements. So, for example, cherry and walnut producers were warned that they could not make any health claims for these super foods, and if they did, they would be fined and jailed for years. Yes, jailed just for citing top university research.

With this history, can you imagine what would happen if supplements were left in a new Federal Drug Administration? This new FDA would use all the power at its disposal to turn supplements into expensive drugs, or failing that, to eliminate them altogether, or failing that, to push their prices ever higher to ensure that no one tried to use them for medicinal purposes.

Working together, we need to stop this right now, before this proposal gets put into legislation. The fix is obvious. Since supplements under current law are considered food, their regulation must go to the Ag Department along with other food. That would be simple, legal, and is also the only way to try to protect food and supplements from the overwhelming power of the drug industry.

There is not a moment to waste if we are going to get this changed. Please donate now and please also send a message to the White House and Congress. 


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