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News & Press: Annual Meeting Information

UPDATE: ACAM Annual Meeting Cancellation Due to Hurricanes Irma & Jose

Monday, September 18, 2017  
Posted by: Administration
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As an update to the cancellation of the ACAM/AAPMD meeting in San Juan, we're notifying you that both organizations have formally submitted the required information requested by the adjuster as part of an 89 page report sent on Friday, September 15, 2017.

Your next question is likely the same as ours: when can we expect to know more about refunds/reimbursement. Unfortunately, as you may have surmised, there's a definite lag time between the filing of a claim and payment of that claim. As of today, we do not have that answer as to how long that may be. We can tell you that our teams have worked diligently to submit the claim and we'll continue to provide any and all information requested to expedite the process. We will also notify you of any updates but expect it may take some time. Funding conferences is a complex task and requires multiple, large pre-payments. Both organizations have large sums of prepaid expenses that are non refundable; these amounts are in addition to your individual payments and part of the claim. We are also waiting to hear from the Hilton Worldwide legal department as to their stance on the Impossibility clause in our contract as we believe we made the only choice available to ensure your safety.

  • YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY PART OF AN INSURANCE CLAIMACAM has supplied the insurance company with detailed information in regards to every registration for the meeting. Your first/last name, registration date, form of payment and exact amount has been filed with the appropriate authorities. 
    The ACAM/AAPMD meeting was official cancelled through all vendors on the morning of September 8, 2017. If your credit card was charged for any meeting expenditures after this date, you may want to consider disputing them. Charges before this date are included in the insurance claim and should not be disputed, as this will cause further delays with the claim.
  • SURCHARGES, CANCELLATION FEES, ETC.If you were charged anything due to the cancellation of this event (i.e. airline ticket transfer charges, etc.) there may not be a lot we can do but please submit these expenses on your official letterhead with the details to as we will continue to update the claim. While we cannot answer as to these these items being refunded to you, we are willing to submit. 

Unfortunately, this is what we know and this is ALL we know at this time. Our management team has been in constant talks with our insurance provider and is actively seeking a timeline in which we can give you more information. We ask that you have patience and know that we are working to get what is yours returned to you.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you,

Michael Bauerschmidt, MD
ACAM President

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