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News & Press: The Link Newsletter

Link Newsletter: September 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017  
Posted by: Administration
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Do you have private insurance and have out of pocket medical expenses? AMHA is the solution you've been waiting for! 

With the help and expertise of AMHA, many patients can now afford to receive more medical care, due to successful reimbursements by the insurance company. Working on a contingent basis, AMHA will only get paid if they can obtain a reimbursement for a patient. So, there is absolutely no risk in utilizing their professional services.
 Here are some of the services AMHA provide:
  • Free verification of patient insurance benefits
  • Professionally and accurately prepared coded claims
  • Certified CPT/ICD10 coders
  • Electronically submitted claims
  • Secondary insurance billing
  • Insurance follow up in a timely manner
  • Level 1 appeals
Alexander Lopera has over 20 years of experience, and has an experienced and dedicated team to help you in your needs. If you feel as though you could benefit from AMHA's team, or want more information, give them a call at (281) 580-1423 or visit LEARN MORE

EU report on weedkiller safety copied text from Monsanto study. 

Unilever US discloses fragrance ingredients in nearly 100 products. READ MORE 

Glyphosate, a herbicide on our plates.  READ MORE

Florida's poop nightmare has come true. READ MORE

Devastating Flu Vaccine-Miscarriage Study Sparks Ridiculous Spin. READ MORE

Biomarkers in the blood prove strong role of food for type 2 diabetes. READ MORE 

Premature infants may get metabolic boost from mom's breast milk. READ MORE

Mechanism behind calorie restriction, lengthened lifespan revealed. READ MORE

Moms most exposed to pesticides more likely to have preterm babies. READ MORE

Emails show how the food industry uses 'science' to push soda. READ MORE

Mother's gut microbes could be linked to autismlike disorders in children. READ MORE


One in 3 children in the United States are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once seen only in adults, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

The good news? Childhood obesity can be prevented. Communities, health professionals, and families can work together to create opportunities for kids to eat healthier and get more active. LEARN MORE
Clifford M. Sonnie, MD  |   Balance of Life Clinic
One size does not fit all. Balance of Life Clinic and Dr. Clifford Sonnie look at each person separately. You are not a typical case. They individualize your treatment plan for you and don't use standardized care programs built around a single diagnosis. Your body is a whole being. Why would we only treat one section of it?  READ MORE
- Carol L. Hunter, PhD, PMHCNS, CNP

- With the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and fires, it is always important to take a break away from the onslaught of digital news and reassess what is truly important. 

One of the things I love about blogging is featuring people and their businesses that I believe are making a contribution to the betterment of the human race in one way or another. A note of caution is that there are many who are doing just that outside my frame of reference or understanding, so to those physicists out there, I apologize. Over a year ago I came across Darren Hardy, a psychologist. I would call him a motivational speaker with a genuine ability to connect with others. On one particular day he talked about taking a break from the digital world. I stopped and thought about how important this was. After all, I was just like everyone else, waiting in the grocery checkout line, checking my email messages on my phone. And checking them again in the doctor's waiting room, and oh yea, the vet's waiting room, as my dogs paced around me....READ MORE
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