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Link Newsletter: June 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Administration
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Howard Hindin, DDS
Member of ACAM's
Board of Directors

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
Member of ACAM's
Board of Directors
Ty Vincent, MD
ACAM 2017 Annual Meeting Featured Speaker 
Richard Jaffe, Esq.
Integrative Medicine Activist & Lawyer

Sleep loss affects your waistline. READ MORE

Moderate drinking may not ward off heart disease. 
Practical clinical trail find alternative to opioids.
Wearable devices communicate vital brain activity information. 
Being overweight in childhood may heighten lifetime risk of depression. 
Patients own fat tissue can help treat joint problems.
Traffic-related air pollution lined to DNA damage in children. READ MORE 
First ever global study finds massive health care inequity. READ MORE
Antibody for fighting cancer emerges. READ MORE
Can omega-3 help prevent Alzheimer's Disease?
Low sodium diet might not lower blood pressure.  
Michele Raithel, ND  |  Revolutions Naturopathic  |  Folsom, CA
Dr. Michele Raithel specializes in chronic disease, natural pain management, sports injury, detoxification and anti-aging medicine. This branch of medicine includes solutions for everyone interested in optimizing health and preventing disease.

Dr. Raithel received dual degrees from Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri including a BA of Biological Sciences and a BA in Theater with a minor in performing arts. While researching and applying to allopathic medical schools, Dr. Raithel was also searching for ways to learn more about natural therapies. She was excited to find that there were accredited medical institutions that taught science based alternative medicine as part of the curriculum. As she read more about the philosophy and methods involved in Naturopathic Medicine her path became clear. LEARN MORE 
How AMHA Can Assist You in Paying for Integrative Medicine
Far too many people face a debilitating illness such as cancer, Lyme disease, or other conditions that require more energy than normal to fight and endure treatments. But unfortunately, they also face a need to maneuver through the complexities associated with a very complicated insurance and health system. 

Long-term or grave illnesses often involve recommended treatments that are not covered by insurance or seeing providers that are out-of-network. Or, perhaps conventional treatments and medications are not working. As a result, some patients are seeking alternative, holistic, or naturopathic treatments. However many of these treatments, both overseas and within the U.S., require payment upfront. LEARN MORE
Cannabis Drug Reduces Seizures in Sever Epilepsy Cases
A compound taken from marijuana greatly helped some children with a severe and often deadly form of epilepsy and completely stopped seizures in a very few, researchers reported May 31, 2017.
It's a rare success in a field suffused with more hope than facts - in which advocates clamor to have marijuana and compounds taken from the herb legalized for free use, while government rules limit use and researchers struggle to prove what works and what doesn't. Watch the Video and learn more: HERE
10 Reversible Causes of Alzheimer's and Dementia
Science is documenting an increasing number of dietary, lifestyle, environmental, and systemic causes of memory loss. Both research and individual experience show that natural approaches can be effective in restoring cognition, often completely. Sharp Again Naturally, and its Medical and Dental Advisory Board, have identified 10 factors to date that cause or exacerbate memory loss. LEARN MORE
ANH Founder: Food is Medicine
The founder of the Alliance for Natural Health, Dr. Robert Verkerk, spoke this past weekend at the Natural and Organic Products Europe conference in London during what is clearly an important time for big ideas, given the changes occurring there.
The Foundation of Health
I have written about vitamin and mineral supplementation before in The Link, but for those of us who provide healthcare services, we are very aware of its importance as a foundational step towards excellent health.  In our practices, we confront the consequences of subclinical malnutrition, the inadequacy of our current mainstream diet, the ongoing riptide of pesticide sequelae, and the established medical resistance towards supplementation on a daily basis. READ MORE
Strawberry Rhubarb Quinoa Pudding
As summer approaches, we look forward to more fresh fruit selections put together in interesting and nutritious ways. While I love presenting my own recipes, I also love to give credit to those who have offered a unique recipe and this one by "eating" filled the billCLICK HERE for the entire delicious recipe!
ACTION ALERT: Sweden Rejects Forced Vaccinations
Our children might be safest in... Sweden, a government bold enough to say "no" to Big Pharma. The Swedish government recently rejected proposals to both increase the number of vaccinations children receive and to mandate a vaccination schedule. The reasons cited included that mandatory vaccination violated Swedes' constitutional rights and adverse effects that can occur from vaccinating young children. LEARN MORE

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