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Carey Wennerstrom, DO announced as March's ACAM Member of the Month

Wednesday, March 1, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Administration
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My father is the person I credit the most for my path into integrative medicine. Growing up, he exposed me to supplements, chiropractic care and established a D.O. as my primary care physician. My dad became a patient at McDonagh Medical Center in the late 1990’s and started receiving chelation at that time. He spoke with Dr. Charles Rudolph and told him I had a strong interest in integrative medicine, and arranged a phone call between Dr. Rudolph and myself. That phone call changed my life as it established a relationship with Dr. Rudolph, one of the pioneers of IV chelation. I remember being impressed that a busy physician would take the time to speak with me, an undergraduate student, about pursuing medicine.

When I entered medical school, I knew before classes even began that I would one day operate an integrative medical facility.I took electives in complementary and alternative medicine. With another student, I created a healthy cooking series that flourishes to this day on DMU’s campus. When I left on rotations I extended my 4 week rotation at McDonagh Medical Center into 8 weeks because I loved it there. I fell in love with the patients who provided me with unsolicited testimonials to the power of chelation, prolotherapy and integrative medicine in general, over and over again. I observed how much younger chelation patients appeared than others not receiving the IV treatments. I reviewed pre-and post-chelation carotid ultrasounds, stress EKGs, and lab work and marveled at the incredible improvements. I was in awe, and I remember thinking at the time how much this seemed like Biblical medicine, with people overcoming illness through treatment and reducing reliance upon medications.

I am excited about chelation and its future in medicine.
I believe in its power in treating cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain autoimmune diseases and reducing the body’s total heavy metal burden to allow it to have more of a capacity to heal. Since joining McDonagh Medical Center in 2012, many of my family members as well as hundreds of patients have all received IV chelation at my clinic with positive results. I purchased my clinic a year ago, and I am looking forward to growing my practice, including in the areas of chelation and prolotherapy. 

Board certified in integrative medicine by ABIHM
Board certified in family medicine by ABFM
Certified Chelation Therapist (CCT) certified by ACAM
Integrative Medicine board eligible by ABPS

DR. WENNERSTROM is ACAM's most referred chelation practitioner for January/February 2017.
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Carey Wennerstrom, DO
McDonagh Medical Center
2800 NE Kendallwood Pkwy
Suite A
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(816) 453-5940

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