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Link Newsletter: April 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017  
Posted by: Administration
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USDA drops plan to test for Monsanto weed killer in food. 
More than two-thirds of cancer mutations are due to random DNA copying errors, study says.  
Zika mosquito genome mapped- at last.
Critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging pinpointed.  
New vaccine could slow disease that kills 600 children a day. 
Infant deaths, stubbornly high inthe US, continue a promising decline. 
World Water Day: One in four children will live with water scarcity by 2040. 
Male hormone plays key role in ovarian development.  
Largest survey to date fo patient and family experience at US children's hospitals. 
Spiritual retreats change feel-good chemical systems inteh brain.  
Speaker, Lifestyle Architect, and Wellness Mentor

Driven by his desire to help others, Dr. Grossgold has dedicated himself to the field of healthcare. Currently an internist and pediatrician at The Grossgold Clinic, he started his journey at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, as a scientist working at the Shell Center for Cell and Gene Therapy where he served as a research postdoctoral fellow. That experience propelled him to join Texas Children's Hospital where he became a cardiovascular genetic researcher.

Dr. Grossgold prepared for his endeavors at the New Granada Military School of Medicine in Bogota, Colombia, where he obtained a degree in medicine and surgery in 1994, and at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, where he obtained a Ph.D. in integrative medicine in 2000.  LEARN MORE

Can CAM Docs Legally Prescribe and Sell Herbals and Nutritional Supplements as Therapy Without Bad Things Happening? Prescribe, Yes. Sell? We'll See
- Richard Jaffe, Esq., Author of Galileo's Lawyer

Many CAM and integrative doctors recommend and/or sell all kinds of nutritional and herbal products to their patients. There is a supplement manufacturer sub-industry which only sells to physicians and other health care professionals, for resale to patients. And most of the top tier, high profile docs have their own private label supplement brands. That's a fact. But is it legal and ethical to do so?
KILLER: Cancer or Chemo?
- Alliance for Natural Health 
This is the choice that far too many patients face with our conventional medical system. FDA-approved cancer treatments like chemotherapy are poisoning patients. A recent analysis found that cancer drugs are themselves killing up to 50% of patients within thirty days, indicating that chemotherapy was the cause of death, not the cancer. Of course, chemotherapy can kill patients over the long-term as well.

Chemo can shrink tumors, but it doesn't eradicate them. It also kills healthy cells in the process. Additionally, cancer can re-emerge in patients still undergoing chemotherapy. Researchers think this is because tumors are fueled by cancer "stem cells" that are largely immune to chemo. LEARN MORE
Urban Air Pollution is a Causative Factor in the Development of Insulin Resistance, T2DM, and Obesity
- Walter Crinnion, ND 

Lifestyle approaches for the prevention and treatment of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and T2DM are typically focused on diet and exercise. The goal being to reduce the number of calories going in and increase the number of calories being burned. Yet, a number of environmental pollutants have been clearly linked to increased risk for T2DM including persistent organic pollutants and arsenic. 

Over the last decade articles have begun to associate vehicular exhaust - ambient air pollution commonly elevated in all urban areas across the globe. In the last seven years several studies have demonstrated that adults and youth who are exposed to higher levels of nitric oxides, NO2 and PM2.5 had higher rates of T2DM. LEARN MORE

To Replace or Regenerate, that is the question!
Last fall after having enough pain in my left hip to take my breath away when making normal movements, I saw an orthopedic physician who informed me that the x-rays showed bone on bone. That made me a great candidate for hip replacement surgery. The young physician was quick to tell me that "cartilage does not regenerate." The hip, unlike the knee, is not easily accessible and is buried deep within the pelvis, classifying it as major surgery. I've known many people who proclaim they have breezed through this surgery and never looked back. There are also the horror stories. At any rate, I decided to do more research on options and was surprised to find many resources that challenged the doc's thinking and insisted that yes, joint cartilage can regenerate. After mentioning my dilemma to a friend, she told me about two sisters who went to a physician in California to have stem cell transplants in their knees. I doubted if this relatively new procedure extended to the hip, but in fact, it did, and there were several testimonials in this regard on the doctor's website.  READ MORE
Teta's Hungarian Goulash
Many years ago I knew a lovely Czech woman we called Teta who had been exceedingly kind to me and my children. She was an excellent cook and I especially loved her Hungarian goulash. Back in the 70s, we weren't so cognizant of our cholesterol intake and with the addition of the sour cream, the calories and cholesterol could mount up. I hadn't made this dish in years but wondered if I could change a few things to make it a bit healthier. I think it turned out well and I substituted low fat plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream. I did not add the potatoes because I wanted to use noodles as an accompaniment. Teta used to serve the dish with spaetzli and cucumbers with dill in yes, more sour cream! So don't give up on your favorite recipes from the "old country," just change a few things to make it more healthful. Bon appetite! READ MORE
Want Alzheimer's? Keep Consuming Sugar.

Feds Renew Attack on Raw Milk

Federal Quarantine Powers Quietly Expanded with Congressional Approval

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