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News & Press: The Link Newsletter

The Link Newsletter: March 2017 Issue

Sunday, March 5, 2017  
Posted by: Administration
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Can we hit the snooze button on aging?
The toxins that threaten our brains. 
Two vets win Agent Orange exposure cases from Okinawa.  
The mystery meat insult: It's not just for Subway. 
Zika raises birth defect rate 20 times, CDC report finds. 
Air pollution affects preterm birthrates globally, study finds. 
BPA-free water bottles may contain another harmful chemical. 
DNA may offer rapid road to Zika vaccine. 
Hundreds of North American bee species face extinction: Study. 
Pyrethroid insecticides linked to abnormal behavior in children, study shows. 
My father is the person I credit the most for my path into integrative medicine. Growing up, he exposed me to supplements, chiropractic care and established a D.O. as my primary care physician. My dad became a patient at McDonagh Medical Center in the late 1990's and started receiving chelation at that time. He spoke with Dr. Charles Rudolph and told him I had a strong interest in integrative medicine, and arranged a phone call between Dr. Rudolph and me. That phone call changed my life as it established a relationship with Dr. Rudolph, one of the pioneers of IV chelation. I remember being impressed that a busy physician would take the time to speak with me, an undergraduate student, about pursuing medicine.  LEARN MORE
Excessive toxic metal exposure from the air, food, water, dental amalgams, and other sources is becoming a recognized and established underlying cause of both acute and chronic disease. With ongoing medical research validating the link between chronic diseases like heart disease and environmental exposure to toxic metals, it is more important than ever for doctors and patients to be well-informed about the detrimental effects of toxic metals and the potential treatments for heavy metal toxicity, including IV chelation therapy.

What is chelation? The Greek word "chele" means claw. Chelation is the binding of metals (like lead) or minerals (like calcium) to a protein "chelator" in a pincer-like fashion, forming a ring-like structure.
Interested in seeing if chelation is right for you? ACAM is the only integrative medical association which provides CCT certification for practitioners. Where is a CCT practitioner in your area? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT 
Help Save This Natural Painkiller!

The Fight for Kombucha Continues

Lawmakers Miss the Mark on Vaccines


As spring peeks around the corner at us, our thoughts go to the rejuvenation of mind and body that this time of year seems to inspire in us. Perhaps it's the vision of how we will appear in a bathing suit, knowing that we could still shed a few pounds. Perhaps it's that attempt to put a better dent in that rising cholesterol level. Perhaps it's the first touch of the warmth of the sun upon our skin, leaving the chill of winter far behind. Whatever the source of our inspiration, it drives up our motivation and prepares us to take action. READ MORE

The true beauty of this dish is that it does not precipitate the "starvation response" that is characteristic of so many diets in which the body feels deprived and goes into the emergency mode of decreased metabolism in order to hold onto its calories. Conversely, kitchari allows the nervous system to relax, feeling it is being properly nourished and satisfied. The result is that fat is metabolized and toxins washed away leading to, in the minds of many, the perfect cleanse. Try it out and you will be glad you did. 
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ACAM is proud to announce a solution! Available now for purchase: our seven lecture series on medical weight-loss.

Finally, an ANSWER!
ACAM has developed a weight loss strategy that pulls all the loose ends together, helping you make informed decisions on integrative approaches to weight-loss.


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