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News & Press: The Link Newsletter

The Link Newsletter - August 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Administration
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Physician+Link is ACAM's platform to deliver you, the patient, with the information you need: practitioners that specialize in what is ailing you. Our newly revamped Physician+Link search engine allows you to search by zip code, vicinity, and/or by specialty. Want personal assistance? Call 1.800.532.3688. Our Member Services Coordinator is available to assist you in locating the right practitioner.
Even before conception, parents' exposure to common chemicals can affect baby. READ NOW
A closer look at obesogens. READ MORE
Surprising news about teens, marijuana, and health issues - it's all good.  READ NOW
Strawberries are in big trouble - scientists race to find solution. READ NOW
Spokane, Washington, sues Monsanta for PCB contamination. READ MORE
How to grow more food with less water. 

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Each month the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) provides information on hot topics, gives you the opportunity to Ask the Expert any questions you may have, and feature articles written by ACAM members.This newsletter was created with YOU in mind - please provide us with any feedback you may have. What do you want more information on? What questions do you have? What products would you like to see featured specials on? Send them to today and we will have an expert ACAM member answer!

Every year in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque there is a lavender festival, now also featuring garlic. As it states on the to

wn's website, lavender is not only a plant with many uses but it also signifies a certain lifestyle that promotes the tranquility and sustainability of a rural, agricultural community. The setting of the festival is in the "green belt," close to the Rio Grande River and the smell of newly cut alfalfa fields is in the air. The most amazing thing about the celebration, now sponsored by the Growers' Market, is the number of wares made with lavender, everything from edibles and freshly cut bouquets to essential oils. Vendors tout their unique wares: lavender plants, natural beauty products, teas, candles, lavender themed quilts and pottery, even lavender dresses! There are many different cooking demos with lavender and garlic including a lavender rub and spice mix, fruit/lavender smoothies, cookies and pound cake, jams and jellies and even lavender chocolate and lavender ice cream. It's a great outing for the whole family.

A second-generation family doctor, Dr. Petteruti started off pursuing his goal of being a holistic provider of medicine, starting his medical training in Osteopathic Medicine.  After graduating with honors, he became attracted to weight loss medicine, which began a career-long interest in areas not commonly pursued by most doctors.  It's that curiosity that drove him to become board certified in Bariatric Medicine to complement his board certification in Family Medicine.  It is this unique training combined with his own native intellect that has given Dr. Petteruti the ability to help his patients with problems that most physicians do not fully understand.  LEARN MORE 
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Dr Petteruti is a featured speaker in this ACAM exclusive Virtual Learning Series. Learn how to treat patient obesity from Dr Petteruti, as well as Christopher Keroack, MD, Kristina Spellman, RD, LD, and Mark Tremblay, PhD

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The Amazing Liver Cleanse - a Powerful Tool to Improve Your Health - Frank McGehee, MD
Most people believe that gallstones can be found only in the gall bladder. This is a false assumption. Most gallstones are actually formed in the liver and only a few in the gall bladder. This statement can easily be verified by anyone who gives himself a liver cleanse, regardless of whether he is a layperson, a medical doctor, a scientist, and someone who no longer has a gall bladder and is believed to be free gallstones altogether. READ MORE
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Embryonic Organotherapy Supplementation now available at Volpe office - Judith Volpe
Available for the past 70 years in Europe, ovine, bovine, and porcine embryonic cell therapy is now available in the US in the form of sterile embryonic cellular supplements, making it possible, and affordable, to receive the incredible benefits of embryonic organ products without traveling to expensive European clinics. READ MORE
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