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News & Press: Preferred Partner

Preferred Partner: ACAM HQ & Legislative Update

Wednesday, July 22, 2015  
Posted by: Administration
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Dear Elizabeth,

Over the past year we have experienced a lot of progress! With President Allen "Buddy" Green and our new headquarters team located in Bozeman, MT (VIEW ACAM HQ) this year has been successful in many areas. With the many calls out to our valued members asking for involvement to bring LEADERSHIP skills to the table, ACAM wanted to take this opportunity to both update and thank you for the progress thus far.

In late 2014 at the annual meeting, ACAM proudly welcomed four new board members, including: Tim Guilford, MD, Howard Hindin, DDS, Dennis Harper, DC, and Ahvie Herskowitz, MD. Please visit our website to learn more about these great professionals who are serving our community.  

We are again seeking member assistance - we've asked full voting members to take this opportunity to further shape ACAM's future as we open four more board positions. In addition to these board positions, we seek integrative professionals to fill positions remaining on various committees. We are anxiously awaiting the completion of nominations and the upcoming election.

In closing, we are here to serve this great community! As our annual meeting program has more faculty than ever, and our organization has emerged stronger, we want to express our thanks for the hard work the Board of Directors has put in, with a special thanks to 2015 Education Chair Ahvie Herskowitz. The education committee has worked tirelessly to balance CME credits while offering our members what they  overwhelmingly asked for, less CME and more cutting-edge, practical workshops.  We are thrilled that the CME credits available were only slightly reduced from last year and we've been able to bring our members peer reviewed, non-commercial education at a very affordable price. We've worked hard to make it worth the while of our exhibiting partners - adding more networking sessions and sponsorship opportunities as well.

 We hope to see you for the annual meeting at the intriguing Red Rock Resort November 12-15, 2015.

At your service,
Veronica Haynes
Executive Director

Stop the FDA from Overstepping Its Authority Again
At a recent Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee meeting, an FDA representative said that nutritional supplements will need to be on a pre-approved list in order to be compounded, and solicited nominations from the public for the "bulk ingredients list." But nowhere in the legislation does it say that the FDA can ban compounded supplements.

FDA "Compounds" Its Attack on Supplements

The FDA's hostility toward both supplements and compounded medicine is legendary-after all, they compete with the FDA approved drugs that pay the government's bills. Now the agency is attacking compounded supplements.  

A few weeks ago, ANH-USA reported on an amendment designed to fix a number of the most problematic regulations arising from Congress's Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). The amendment would clarify provisions governing "office use," allowing physicians to keep certain quantities of compounded drugs on hand in their office, and also remove the cap on interstate shipments if the medication is for an individual patient. ANH-USA strongly supports this amendment, as it would ensure patient access to important compounded medications which are currently endangered. GET MORE INFORMATION 

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