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News & Press: The Link Newsletter

The Link: July 2015 Issue

Sunday, July 5, 2015  
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A Harvard University and University of Michigan graduate, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright is a forerunner in research and application of natural treatments for healthy aging and illness.  Since 1976 he and his associates have accumulated over 60,000 research papers about diet, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other natural substances and energies from which he has developed many natural, non-drug treatments for health problems.  Since 1983, Dr. Wright has regularly taught seminars about these methods to thousands of physicians in the United States and overseas.  In Washington State, Tahoma Clinic was founded in 1973 where he continues to practice medicine while serving as Medical Director for Tahoma's three health clinics, a supplement store/dispensary, and Meridian Valley Laboratory. LEARN MORE 
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I stumbled across an article in Environmental Health News on hemp by Katarina Maloney and decided to devote this month's article to the neglected cousin of a notorious newshound, marijuana. The story of hemp is an amazing one, fraught with misconceptions on the part of the general public and baseless laws on the part of the government. How a world leader could distort and frame a poor plant to the degree that is has is, well, quite frankly astounding. READ MORE  




To celebrate the sweetness of hemp seeds, try sprinkling seeds on top of raspberry sorbet with blueberries and a sprig of mint. A lovely summer dessert! I also like to top off my breakfast of organic, certified non GMO shredded wheat biscuits by Kashi with some coconut/almond milk, a mix of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries and a generous sprinkle of hemp seeds.

The garden is growing well and today is irrigation day when in turn, we receive our fair share of this state's precious water reserve. I was greeted by a small trespasser with a large white stripe down his back but thankfully, he didn't think I was scary. Now he is hunkered down under a cottonwood tree waiting for the water to subside so he can be on his merry way. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to see such creatures wonder through my pasture, but I'm sure not everyone would share my sentiment! Bon Appetit! 


Heard of Nrf2 activation? Ultimate Protector includes powerful Nrf2 activators and antioxidants. 486,000 ORAC5.0 units per dose. Save 15% this month! LEARN MORE!


A new report details how Big Food appears to have captured yet another key nutrition group, the American Society of Nutrition. 

You may remember the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' (AND) ill-fated partnership with Kraft Foods. Kraft was permitted to place the AND's "Kids Eat Right" logo on their Kraft Singles synthetic "cheese product." After the story broke, AND backpedaled. READ MORE

A chemical used in sodas and some laxatives for years assumed safe by federal health officials might make people more prone to obesity. Environmental Health News 
You spend one-third of your life on your mattress. But federal law doesn't require manufacturers to list what chemicals may be in it, like boric acid, antimony and polyurethane foam. Chicago WLS TV, Illinois
Lots of chemicals are considered safe in low doses. But what happens when you ingest a little bit of a lot of different chemicals over time? Los Angeles Times
A lead-free movement that started with saving endangered condors in California by banning the use of lead ammunition where the big prehistoric-looking birds flew now will impact hunters throughout the state and cause more erosion to the state's number of hunters.
San Diego Union - Tribune, California

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