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Na2EDTA Chelation Therapy Can Decrease baPWV in Elderly Patients

Friday, June 13, 2014  
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Tadashi Mitsuo, MD, Sigenori Nakano, MD, Masao Yoshida,MD, Hideki Ohno,MD,
Kazuo Tsubota,MD

Mitsuo Clinic, Sagamihara Central Hospital, Kyorin University, Keio University.


The purpose of this study is to disclose whether Na2EDTA chelation therapy can be used as patient care for the treatment of atherosclerosis. To evaluate the stiffness of the artery, we used brachial ankle Pulse Wave Velocity (baPWV). This indicates the stiffness of the major artery and detect the atherosclerosis.

Patients and Methods:
We have examined baPWV retrospectively. 118 patients ,73 males and 45 females, averaged age 72.8 (48 to 89) years old, have been treated with Na2EDTA chelation therapy (Na2EDTA 1.5g, Half chelation) and PWV measurements have been performed four times in every patients. The first measurement is done before the chelation therapy (PWV1), second is after ten chelations (PWV2), third one is after 20 chelations (PWV3) and the fourth one is after 30 chelations (PWV4). Na2EDTA 1.5 g was infused with vitamins and minerals according to the formula modified from ACAM's Protocol.

There were statistically significant decrease in PWV1 to PWV2,PWV3 and PWV4.(p<0.0001)

The decrease in baPWV indicates the changes of the major arterial stiffness and may confirm the effectiveness of Na2EDTA chelation therapy. Although 3.0 grams of Na2EDTA have been used for the TACT study, half dose of Na2EDTA may be also effective for the patient care of atherosclerosis.

Lamas, G. A., Goertz, C., Boineau, R., Mark, D. B., Rozema, T., Nahin, R. L., et al. (2013). Effect of disodium EDTA chelation regimen on cardiovascular events in patients with previous myocardial infarction: the TACT randomized trial. JAMA, 309(12), 1241–1250.

Tomiyama, H., Yamashina, A., Arai, T., Hirose, K., Koji, Y., Chikamori, T., et al. (2003). Influences of age and gender on results of noninvasive brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity measurement--a survey of 12517 subjects. Atherosclerosis, 166(2), 303–309.

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