Learn more about Chelation Therapy in the below videos. 
He Had a Heart Attack, Stints & Now Healthy With Chelation Therapy Chelation Therapy May Have Saved His Life  
He Had 8 Bypass Heart Surgeries: Then Did Chelation Therapy Candida - Coccidiosis, Cured With Hydrogen Peroxide IV Treatments & Chelation Therapy
This Man From Canada Recommends Chelation & Alternative Medicine He Had 2 Heart Attacks & Then Did Chelation Therapy To Prevent More
He Had 3 Strokes and 1 Heart Attack: Hear How He Got Off All Medication Chelation For Memory Loss and Pain
This Man Had High Cholesterol & Does Chelation Therapy To Help Chelation Therapy Can Prevent Stints & Heart Surgery
Tony Tried Chelation For Throbbing Leg Pain Due To Blockage Heavy Lead Toxicity Can Cause Depression: Chelation Therapy
 Chiropractor Does Chelation Therapy to Remove Heavy Metals & Blockages This Man Did Ultra Violet Blood Treatment (UBI) For Camplobacteriosis From Bad Food. *This video is not on Chelation- purely educational 


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