ACAM is proud to offer the "Integrative Medicine Academy," an intensive self-study to guide you into the world of Integrative Medicine with a practical knowledge from the ground-up. Our world class faculty will lead you from forms and vendors to navigating the gap between Western and Integrative Medicine, leaving you with with a valuable fund of practical knowledge and an immediately useful set of skills that would normally take years of study and practice to develop.

This seven session series, each lasting between 1 ½ -2 hours, will feature our presenters sharing their hard-earned insights and practice tips that will quickly enable you to become an effective and critical-thinking Integrative Practitioner.

A practicum level workshop will be available at the Annual Meeting in Las Vegas to complete your training.

Learn from the industry's leading experts sharing the best of their diverse medical training backgrounds.

Matthew Cavaiola, ND
Dana Cohen, MD
Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
Mitchell Ghen, DO
Allen Green, MD
Thomas Guilliams, PhD
Ronald Hoffman, MD
Lyn Patrick, ND
  Learning Objectives:
- Patient History & Forms
- Integrative History & Physical
- Detoxification
- Supplementation
- Systems Approach to Cardiometabolic/Insulin Resistance
- Systems Approach to Cancer
- Systems Approach to Gastrointestinal
- Biomarkers
- Lab Testing
- Systems Approach to Hormones
Provided Tools:
- Access to Training Videos
- Syllabus with Lecture Slides
- Form Samples
- Pre-Requisite to Practicum Workshop

Bonus Offer:
With your purchase, you will be given The Basics of Establishing a New Practice, a step-by-step workbook compiled by experts from medical to dentistry that perfectly compliments the course's training.

  Step 1. Self-Study Course - Pre-Requisite
ACAM Member: $699          Non-Member: $999
Step 2. Clinical Workshop with ACAM Certification
ACAM Member: $1,499          Non-Member: $1,699
Look for the workshop in Spring of 2019!
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