Session 5: Systems Approach to GI with Matthew Cavaiola, ND
The gastrointestinal system is the origin of many human diseases.  In this webinar, you will learn about the interplay between the gastrointestinal system and multiple organ systems and ways that you can improve patient outcomes through correcting underlying imbalances.  Emphasis will be placed upon the importance and the interconnectedness of the gastrointestinal microbiome and epithelial lining, food intolerances and the role that the enteric nervous system plays in overall health.  
Dr. Cavaiola is a clinic supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic, overseeing students on team care shifts. He is also an assistant professor at Bastyr University California. Dr. Cavaiola has a special interest in men’s health, endocrinology, pain management and digestive disorders. He uses many naturopathic modalities in his practice including clinical nutrition, intravenous and injectable vitamin therapy, prolotherapy and hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Cavaiola’s passion for naturopathic medicine comes from both an upbringing where he was taught to pursue a natural way of life and through personal health struggles that he overcame and continues to enjoy learning and teaching about each day. Dr. Cavaiola focuses on an individualized, patient-centered approach to medicine and he believes in working with his patients as a team, assuring they are active participants in their own health care.

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