Science Update and Literature Overview
Dr. Herskowitz, MD
Dr. Herskowitz’s extensive training includes a medical degree from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, residencies in Anatomic Pathology and Internal Medicine, and Fellowship training in Cardiology at The Johns Hopkins Medical Center. During his 12 years at Johns Hopkins, he became Associate Professor of Medicine and Immunology and Molecular Microbiology. In 1999, after moving to the San Francisco area to head a CV Research Foundation, he was named Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). During his tenure as Professor at UCSF, he co-Founded the Institute for OneWorld Health (iOWH), the first non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States. 
Subsequent to iOWH, he founded Anatara Medicine and the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors for iRND3, (www.irnd3.organ organization that discovers new medicines for rare and neglected diseasees, and also serves on the Board for PVRI, Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute. He is currently President of the ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine), and is deeply passionate about converging and layering different modalities to address everyone's desire to have health support at our highest potential...And, the beach!
Regulatory Strategies to Meet FDA Requirements
Duncan Ross, PhD 
Dr. Duncan Ross is an expert in stem cell culture and has developed and patented proprietary methods of stem cell manipulation and licensing using growth factors and nucleic acids. A native of Miami Beach, Florida, Dr. Ross earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunology and a Ph.D. in Immunology/Biochemistry from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, where his research focused on mechanisms of suppression of graft vs. host disease in minor antigen mismatched allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. As founder of Kimera Labs, Inc., Dr. Ross’s work is focused on controlling disease with immunological molecular approaches, in particular, exosome isolation from perinatal cells and amniotic fluid. As a pioneer in the development of cell-free exosome products, Dr. Ross’s research has been and continues to be employed by many physicians and clinics in a variety of regenerative medicine protocols. Dr. Ross has been featured in various peer reviewed publications including “Blood” and “Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation”, in which he discussed the use of various cell types to suppress immunological diseases, and currently has a patent pending for wound healing exosomes. Dr. Ross is also the founding board member of the federal nonprofit research organization, The Kimera Society, which has developed a number of clinical partners in the US and abroad by serving as an educational conduit for clinics.
What's New in Peptides? Cancer Care, Mitochondria, Aesthetics and Oral Health
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith attended Transylvania University and graduated with a degree Biochemistry. In that time, he had multiple research internships at the University of Kentucky and University of Pennsylvania studying large scale protein synthesis and physical chemistry. After graduation, he attended medical school at the university of Kentucky for 2 years. After finishing all the educational curriculum and passing USMLE Step 1 he decided to leave and help open up a pharmacy in the united states that focused on peptide synthesis and formulations for pharmaceutical preparations. Since that time, Tailor Made compounding has become licensed in over 45 states and territories and opened up an additional location in Dubai. Tailor Made Compounding was the first pharmacy to offer a extensive list of peptides in the US and has since become the leader in the compounding of peptides and proteins for pharmaceutical use.
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Regulatory Strategies to Meet FDA Requirements
Douglas J. Spiel, MD
Douglas J. Spiel, M.D., a Board Certified Radiologist, is a member of the World Institute of Pain, and was the first radiologist in the country to become a Diplomat of the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians. For the past few years he has also served on it’s executive board. As a fellow of interventional pain practice (FIPP), he is credentialed to both teach and practice abroad. In addition, Dr. Spiel sits on the editorial board of Pain Physician, the world’s preeminent pain journal and personally reviews articles prior to publication.
Dr. Spiel specializes in Interventional Pain. His unique background in both radiology and Interventional Pain provides him with the expertise to pinpoint a myriad of pain generators and treat them accordingly .

Specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatment options of the spine and joints, Dr. Spiel is one of the world’s leaders in relieving pain. He treats patients with both spine and non-spine related pain – including disc herniations, pinched nerves, failed back surgery, CRPS, RSD and numerous other maladies. Over the last decade, advances in medical technology have enabled him to utilize lasers and endoscopes through key hole incisions to remove disc herniations and treat pinched nerves. Today, even fusion procedures can be performed through tiny incisions, minimizing structural damage while shortening rehabilitation time significantly.
With his background in radiology, Dr. Spiel utilizes cutting edge technologies including fluoroscopy (real time x ray) and ultrasound to precisely diagnose and treat specific pain generators. His ability to utilize different imaging modalities enables him to guide his hand through both bony and soft tissue land marks.
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Updates in Peptide Therapies: Immune Regulation, Autoimmunity & Inflammatory Conditions
Neurodegenerative & Cardiovascular Disorders
Suzanne Feree Turner, MD, FAARM, ABAARM
Dr Turner is the founder of Vine Medical Associates, a family and functional medicine practice in Atlanta, Georgia. She is double board certified in Family Medicine and Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine and is an award-winning teacher of medical students and residents on the faculty of Emory University. Dr Turner uses peptide therapy and stem cells to treat patients with endocrine, mitochondrial, infectious, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative diseases and athletic injury.

Updates in Peptide Therapies: Repair and Recovery
Julio Garcia, MD
Dr. Garcia is the immediate-past president for the Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation, an entity that raises funds to allow plastic surgeons to perform ground-breaking research relative to cosmetic surgery. He is also the chairman of Crime Stoppers of Nevada.
Dr. Garcia is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, and the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. He earned his Doctor of Medicine in 1983 from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  This was complemented by a bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Northwestern University.  
He offers peptide therapy, growth factor/ cytokine/ medicinal signaling cells therapy, low-level class IV lasers treatments and platelet-rich plasma treatments, hormone replacement therapy and other age management options.
Regenerative Aesthetic Therapy
Doug Rainey, BS
Doug Rainey is the Owner and CEO of Aesthetic Integrative Medicine (AIM), a national distributor and consultancy based in Northern California. AIM specializes in regenerative medicine therapies specific to Anti-Aging, Sports Orthopedics, and Integrative Pain Management. Doug earned a degree in Kinesiology at University of Maryland College Park with a focus on Athletic Training and Performance Enhancement. He began his career with the Sports Medicine division of Johnson&Johnson's Depuy Mitek, followed by roles in Chronic Wound Care, Biologic Bone Grafting, and Plastic Surgery. This professional progression provided the foundation which ultimately resulted in the holistic integrative approach at the core of AIM.
Today, Doug’s efforts are channeled to extensively researching the array of suppliers and manufacturers serving the Regenerative Medicine arena in his quest to build the strongest portfolio of offerings for the Physician network. These solutions must have a proven track record of safety, efficacy and compliance. Once vetted and chosen for inclusion in the AIM product set, they are added to the online patient and physician portals for a deeper understanding of recommended use case scenarios.
The AIM Patient Education Portal provides an unbiased, direct introduction to the myriad of options available in the world of Regenerative Medicine. As an objective third-party, AIM can present information on these modalities that Physician offices legally cannot, helping them remain fully compliant while aiding potential recipients who wish to make fact-based decisions in their search to identify optimal next steps. The Physician Portal allows AIM Partners to access OEM’s third-party testing results, relevant clinical support, and protocols submitted by Physicians worldwide to promote a more uniform and replicable outcome profile across the industry.
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells
Rafael Gonzalez, PhD
Exploring the Molecular Mechanisms of PRP in Regenerative Medicine Applications
Shawn Piasecki, PhD
Dr. Shawn Piasecki is the Medical & Clinical Affairs Director for Isto Biologics, a regenerative medicine company. Isto Biologics holds a competitive portfolio of products geared toward healing soft tissue and bone to "help patients heal faster." 
Shawn is a native of Austin, TX yet is now enjoying the cooler weather in San Diego, CA. Prior to her industry career she performed research at The University of Texas at Austin investigating modular enzyme complexes which synthesize regenerative & antimicrobial natural products for downstream clinical applications. Shawn has a strong passion for educating others, so holds a teaching certification and joined a team who initiated the first undergraduate research education program in the US: The Freshman Research Initiative. With a PhD in Cellular & Molecular Biology and a BS in Chemistry, this diverse background allows her to understand and educate on the difficult cross-sectional topics of regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine in Oral Health - Science & Early Clinical Results

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