Beyond Detox: Integrating Autophagy into Detoxification Protocols for Clearing & Rebuilding Damaged Cells & Increasing
   Mitochondrial Density
Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD
Dr. Christopher Shade specializes in the biological, environmental, and analytical chemistry of mercury in all its forms and their interactions with sulfur compounds, particularly glutathione and its enzyme system. He has patented a mercury speciation diagnostic process to analyze human toxicity, founded the only clinical lab in the world offering mercury speciation analysis, and has designed cutting edge systems of nutraceuticals for detoxification and antioxidant protection. His Quicksilver Delivery Systems nanoparticle technology increases the bioavailability of supplements and protocols, leading to higher efficacy products. Dr. Shade is regularly sought out to speak as an educator on the topics of mercury, environmental toxicities, neuroinflammation, immune dysregulation, and the human detoxification system, both in the United States and internationally. He has helped professional athletes, children with autism, patients with chronic immune disorders, and more. He strives to evolve the way the medical industry delivers care, and he is perpetually broadening the way the world understands health.

  Lecture Description
Blending traditional drainage pathways with Nrf2 upregulation is now becoming accepted as an efficient functional path for detoxification. However, the next level of detoxification will incorporate mTOR regulation in order to engage autophagy and mitophagy to not only clear toxins, but also clear damaged organelles. This path has the capability to increase mitochondrial density and powerfully reset damaged signaling paths (e.g. fixing insulin and leptin resistance). Effectively engaging these mechanisms requires incorporating dietary control along with supplementation.

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