Patient Conversion: The Art of Becoming Extraordinary Through Customer Service and the Patient Experience
Kim Look
Kim was introduced to Functional, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine through the needs of her own family members. Over the last ten years, except for physician, she has held every clinic position, including Director of Operation in over a dozen clinics nationwide. She has owned and sold three clinics and helped start six others working with cancer, Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, and more. She works as a trainer for ozone, ultraviolet, and IV nutritional therapies. Kim believes in working with providers to help maximize their time, efficiency and effectiveness through staff training, patient education and treatment plans, and unique sales systems including modern marketing strategies that provide practitioners the lifestyle they are seeking while building the industry. She has worked nationally and internationally incorporating multiple elements to build integrative practices both clinically and operationally and loves to share her proven strategies in taking start ups or small clinics to international destination status bringing in millions in health care sales.

  Lecture Description: 
Integrative Medicine practitioners tend to focus and be very good at utilizing new approaches to patient symptoms and conditions. They take advantage of a different philosophy towards healthcare and look at the cause of disease, as well as specific diagnostics and treatments to get their patients well. However, there is often a struggle in converting patients during the consultation process, from providing comprehensive diagnostics with accompanying ROF, to enrolling them in a well-planned (often cash-based) treatment program. This struggle creates obstacles that get in the way of 1) earning a living and lifestyle they deserve, and 2) getting the patient results they know they can.

In this lecture, Kim will take you through her proven steps to creating an extraordinary patient experience. She will teach you how to develop treatment plans that will get you reimbursed, save you time, and make your patients happy AND well.

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