Preventing and Reversing Chronic Inflammation for More Optimal Results Case Study:
High Blood Pressure, Memory Loss, Asthma, Allergies, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, TMJ,  Obesity, Oral Infections
Friday, October 18 3:45 pm to 4:50 pm

Case studies of patients with multiple and complex problems will be discussed by a panel of clinicians of different specialities and disciplines to demonstrate the value of and possible methods to engage in collaborate care for more optimal outcomes.

Current Status: There is increasing evidence to support the important role of inflammation in many if not all of the chronic diseases affecting more of our population, with occurrences at earlier and earlier ages. Chronic inflammation may exist decades prior to the expression of a disease state. The causes of chronic disease are many and not necessarily identifiable or treatable by any one speciality or discipline. Even with advanced knowledge and training, practitioners continue to work within their silos achieving beneficial, but less than optimal results. 

Ideal Practice:Practitioners of different disciplines will increase their knowledge of and protocols for identifying and treating and preventing chronic inflammation. They will also learn what other practitioners of other disciplines offer for more optimal treatment. 

Educational Need: With the time needed to keep apace with advancing knowledge in one’s field of practice, there is an increasing awareness of the need for a more collaborative approach for some complex problems. These case studies will demonstrate the value and methods of collaboration, as will as communication tools …

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how clinicians of other disciplines would offer treatment.
  2. Understand how collaboration addresses overlapping and underlying conditions of chronic inflammation.
  3. Gain insight on communication tools for better diagnosis and treatment. 

Allan Magaziner, DO
Dr. Allan Magaziner, founder and medical director of the Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill New Jersey, brings his patients a wealth of knowledge and experience in both integrative and functional medicine. He has a special interest in treating chronic diseases utilizing nontoxic techniques, remedying hormonal imbalances with bio-identical hormones and offering patients innovative cancer treatments from around the world.

Dr. Magaziner is a graduate of the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, completed a Fellowship in Allergy and Environmental Medicine and postgraduate training in Clinical Nutrition and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Magaziner completed fellowship programs under the auspices of two internationally acclaimed pioneers in alternative healing, Dr. Jonathan Wright of the Tahoma Clinic in Seattle and the late Dr. William Rea of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas. He is certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Practice and the American Board of Environmental Medicine, is a certified nutrition specialist and holds advanced proficiency training in chelation therapy and hyperbaric medicine.

Dr. Magaziner is the author of several top-selling books, including, The All-Natural Cardio Cure: A Drug-Free Cholesterol and Cardiac Inflammation Reduction Program; Chemical Free Kids: Safeguarding Your Child’s Diet and Environment, and Total Health Handbook: Your Complete Wellness Resource.

 Jerald Simmons, MD
Jerald H. Simmons, M.D. is the Founding-Director of The Sleep Education Consortium (SEC) and Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Associates, PA (CSMA). He is Triple Board-Certified in Neurology, Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine. A graduate of Ohio State University, he trained in Neurology at Washington University, Sleep Medicine at Stanford University and Epilepsy at University of California. He began his professional career as Assistant Professor of Neurology at UCLA while co-directing the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center and directing the Clinical Neuro-physiology lab at Olive View UCLA. In 1999 he moved to Houston establishing his sleep disorders practices. He continues to conduct research studies relating to sleep disorders and developing methods to enhance the assessment and treatment of patients with sleep disturbances. His most recent research involves the relationship between Clenching / Sleep Bruxism / TMJ Disorder with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, as well as the relationship between ADHD And disturbances of sleep. Education is an important aspect of his career, having trained medical students, residents and fellows in sleep medicine and then establishing the SEC as an outreach to educate the healthcare community. He has been instrumental in providing guidance to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners that led to the new rules requiring dentists to obtain some degree of education in sleep medicine in order to provide appliance 
 therapy to patients with OSA.
 Neal Speight, MD
Dr. Speight obtained his undergraduate work in chemistry at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He attended medical school at East Carolina School of Medicine and completed his residency at University of South Carolina-Columbia

He is board certified in Family Medicine and has additional training in Metal Toxicology, Nutritional, and Environmental Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and is the Past President of The American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM). For five years he served as an assistant professor at Capitol University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, DC and has authored several book chapters and a number of articles in the peer reviewed literature.
 Jesse A Stoff, MD, HMD, FAAFP
Dr.  Stof
f is an internationally renowned physician, with extensive credentials in clinical immunology, and holistic medicine. A graduate of New York Medical College, he pursued extensive post-doctoral training including a fellowship at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London, England. He has authored/co-authored dozens of articles and 9 books including co-authoring the bestsellers Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Hidden Epidemic and The Prostate Miracle. His most recent book; Clinical Immunology Vol 1, Integrative Onco-Immunology First edition was just released. He has also served as a member of the Clinical Nutrition Board of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. and he taught CME courses in Clinical Immunology at the University of Arizona. He is frequently invited to give specialized lectures at national and international medical conventions. As Medical Director of the Stoff Institute for Medical Research, he consults with physicians and medical groups both domestically and abroad on the subjects of immune system disorders and immune reconstitution.


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