Collaboration to Reverse Cognitive Decline
Charles Whitney, MD
Charles Whitney, M.D. is double board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and completed his family practice residency at David Grant USAF Medical Center. He served as a physician in the United States Air Force before joining the University of Pennsylvania Health System. In 2004 he established his current private medical practice, Revolutionary Health Services, where his focus is on preventive medicine, emphasizing preventive cardiac and dementia prevention.

Dr. Whitney served on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Private Physicians, the national trade organization of Concierge practices from 2007-2013, and was Vice-president during his final year.  He was twice named a “Top Doc” in Concierge Medicine by Concierge Medicine Today, the only physician in Pennsylvania to earn that distinction.  He was four times named “Top Doc” in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Magazine, 2016-19. 

A leading national advocate of bridging the “oral-systemic gap” between dentistry and medicine, Dr. Whitney is a Keynote speaker and has been published in leading print and online dental trade journals, including Dentistry Today, Dentaltown, Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, and  He was included in the 60-minute documentary, Say Ahh, the Cavity in Healthcare, a movie that discusses the many effects disease in the mouth has on the rest of the body including heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and pregnancy complications, and others.

  Lecture Description
As health professionals we need to dig deep to discover the root causes of disease.  If we don’t, then our treatment is just patchwork, while the underlying engines of inflammation, toxicity, and deficiencies continuing to run placing us at risk for further breakdown and disease.  The most dramatic case of this is in dementia.  The best drugs only slow deterioration of cognitive decline, leaving Alzheimer’s Disease as an incurable terminal disease… until now.

Through years of research by Dr. Dale Bredesen, we now have a method to prevent and even reverse cognitive decline.  This ReCODE method to Reverse COgnitive DEcline is a systematic search for all the known root causes placing an individual at risk for cognitive decline. 

In this practical presentation, you will learn what’s possible in dementia treatment, how the program is structured, and why an effective program requires the collaboration of everyone in attendance.  You will leave with a vision for your role in tackling this devastating disease.

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