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VATECH AMERICA | 888.396.6872
Vatech is a leading manufacturer of radiographic imaging solutions for the medical, dental and veterinary fields with offices in over 70 countries worldwide. As the US subsidiary of Vatech Inc, Vatech America is committed to providing the industry with innovative dental x-ray imaging solutions while maintaining a primary focus on ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care. From the world’s first 3-in-1 digital X-ray system to the latest in high resolution, low radiation CBCT devices, Vatech America is the clinician’s preferred vendor for their diagnostic imaging endeavor.
PROSOMNUS | 844.537.5337
ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies designs, manufactures and markets FDA Cleared Class II Medical Devices dentists use to treat patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. ProSomnus Medical Devices are the first, precision oral appliance therapy devices designed to enhance compliance, mitigate side effects and, enable dentists to achieve excellent patient experiences and outcomes. They have been used to treat thousands of patients, with clinical performance that has been validated in randomized controlled trials, retrospective cohort studies, and numerous clinical case reports.

HINDEXRV  I  888-751-1121
HindexRV® is an FDA approved cutting-edge physiological monitoring instrumentation using sensor instrumentation and computer driven programs, which measures EKG, EMG, Respiration, Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability.
This medical and dental system monitors the arousal of a subject’s autonomic nervous system during the use of therapeutic modalities and/or application or modification of intra-oral orthotics. The benefit of this monitoring system is that the clinician gains an objective reference to the response to the therapy/modality that has been applied.
HindexRV records data of physiological changes to support the efficacy of the treatment by any healthcare practitioner and offers the opportunity to communicate this data with other healthcare practitioners and researchers. HindexRV allows for better collaboration between practitioners for more optimal patient outcomes.
The dental and medical uses include:
• Sleep breathing disorders and oral appliances
• TMD treatment and orthotics
• Orthodontic treatment and restorative dentistry
• Athletic performance
• Systemic autonomic disorders
HindexRV is a turnkey system. It includes all hardware, software, a laptop, Bluetooth connection, statistical analysis software, disposables and training.
For more information, please visit, contact Jeff Hindin at 888-751-1121 or email

SLEEP CERTIFIED | 818.518.1067
Together Sleep Certified & Shaquille O’Neal bring awareness to undiagnosed Sleep Apnea patients!
Sleep Certified has created a platform to bring patients, dentists & physicians in a collaborative effort to provide the best treatment solutions for their OSA patients. Our goal is to offer sleep apnea patients exceptional care with a Sleep Certified Dentist who is qualified to treat at the highest level.
With an all-inclusive approach to treatment options and the most advanced training available, our Sleep Certified dentists can treat even the most severe sleep patients with success.
Shaquille O’Neal is the brand ambassador for Sleep Certified and will be driving patients to see a Sleep Certified Dentist. This partnership will create the top treating dental sleep practices in the nation. We invite qualified dentists to join us now to be in the top 1% of Dental Sleep Medicine.
Schedule a Time to Talk during the event by calling/texting: Stacey at 818-606-9724. Go to to schedule a call to see if this is right for you.

    AIRWAY HEALTH SOLUTIONS | 631.835.1726
Due to popular demand, Lauren Gueits, RDH, BS and Ben Miraglia, DDS created Airway Health Solutions, a unique “airway focused” dental consultancy /continuing education platform.
Airway Health Solutions helps dental practices implement treatment modalities to combat Sleep Disordered Breathing via Growth & Development of the dental arches. This includes utilizing clear aligner therapy, myofunctional /expansion appliances, resulting in healthy patients who can sleep, breathe and thrive.
Our services include:
• 3, 6, and 12-Month Memberships via our digital platform to provide user friendly coaching and training on airway health integration
• Continuing Education Courses: 1/2 Day, Full Day and our sought after 2 Day Mini-Residency with Dr. Ben Miraglia: (AGD/PACE CE hours)
Come visit us at the AIRWAY HEALTH SOLUTIONS booth!
Headquartered in Southern California with multiple locations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Malaysia, SML (Space Maintainers Laboratories) partners with more than 150,000 dentists and orthodontists worldwide. We provide access to everything a practice needs to ensure success – from custom fabricated appliances to treatment planning to products and supplies to diagnostics and 3D digital models.

  OHLENDORF | 800.325.8921
OHLENDORF APPLIANCE LABORATORY has been an industry leader in the fabrication of Dental, Orthodontic and Pediatric Appliances for over 80 years. Our laboratory is located in St Louis, MO and we work with doctors in all 50 states. Technical support and personal service are the main benefits that we offer to separate ourselves from other labs. Our Laboratory is fully Digital and we can accept digital scans from all the major systems. We encourage you to contact us if you need assistance or need any type of Dental Appliance fabricated. Everyone at our Laboratory is dedicated to providing the highest quality appliances, fabricated using our over 80 years of expertise, and quickly turning around your cases in less than 12 calendar days.
GreenSky Patient Solutions® is transforming the healthcare financing experience and making quality care more affordable. Our technology-based solutions help providers weave a strong clinical practice with sound business principles to grow their practices and delight their patients. Most patients receive a credit decision in moments with no cumbersome paperwork.
The breadth of the GreenSky Patient Solutions® program leverages tremendous resources and provides many choices. Practices may choose a revolving or installment loan platform depending on whether their patients require a line of credit for ongoing, recurring care or one-time loans for episodic treatment.
GreenSky Patient Solutions® builds a customized financing solution for each practice. A dedicated account manager helps the practice get up and running quickly, then provides ongoing support and training to help their business, and their patients, prosper.
About GreenSky, Inc.: GreenSky, Inc. (NASDAQ: GSKY) is a leading technology company Powering Commerce at the Point of Sale®. Our highly scalable, proprietary technology platform enables nearly 16,000 merchants to offer frictionless promotional payment options to consumers, increasing sales, and accelerating cash flow. More than 2.4 million consumers have financed over $17 billion of commerce using our paperless, real-time “apply and buy” technology.

    IAOM | 360-912-4547
The IAOM is the founding organization and leader in the specialty of Orofacial Myology. Beginning in 1972, the IAOM continues to be the ONLY INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITING ORGANIZATION in the field. The IAOM is a multi-disciplinary partnership of professionals, educators, and colleagues. We take great pride in our contributions to the advancement of Orofacial Myology, and are proud to offer the only Certification in Orofacial Myology (COM® Credential) and the only Fellowship in Orofacial Myology (FOM).
Our mission is dedicated to expanding the awareness of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders in both the general public and within the medical and dental communities, educating and certifying our members in the proper diagnosis and treatment of myofunctional disorders, and working to expand research related to Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders.
NAAFO | 833.626.2236
The North American Association of Facial Orthotropics is a group of professionals who promote Orthotropics®, a natural way to achieve optimal growth, a balanced facial profile, and a larger airway. Orthotropics® is a specific method of facial growth guidance which changes unfavorable vertical growth to more favorable horizontal growth, potentially resulting in corrections similar to those that result from successful orthognathic surgery. If you are a dentist, orthodontist, myofunctional therapist, dental technician or other health professional who is interested in helping your patients live a healthier life by guiding facial growth, improving facial balance, and improving the airway, the NAAFO is for you. Join the NAAFO and you’ll find a comprehensive source of in-depth information to support your knowledge and practice of Orthotropics®.
    PANTHERA SLEEP  | 855.233.0388
Panthera Sleep is a world leader in CAD/CAM dental sleep appliances. With their 18 years of expertise in CAD/CAM dentistry, Panthera Sleep’s founders have created high end Mandibular Advancement Devices, this solution being the most effective to help people with snoring and sleep apnea-related problems.
Panthera Sleep has successfully combined creativity, science and know-how to develop its proprietary innovative technology and is now able to offer next-generation products to the sleep industry worldwide. By establishing the Sleep Division, Panthera Dental’s goal is clearly to keep helping patients and procure them a most-deserved good night’s sleep and quality of life.
The Panthera Dental team uses its own proprietary software to design the Panthera D-SAD. From a 3D scan of the stone model or intra-oral scan, each device is designed specifically for your patient. Panthera’s state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology will deliver a perfectly adapted device. This procedure provides more predictability for a completely customized device.
In order to accommodate every patient, we offer a wide range of plateaus for tailored contact surfaces: standard, full and anterior. Since the D-SAD can be adapted for every possible situation, it is suitable for all types of patients. Email for more information.
    PATIENT SAFETY, INC | 888.666.0635
The ADA recommends that dentists screen for sleep apnea. 90 Million Americans are tired and snore. Questionnaires alone are ineffective at getting patients to diagnosis for therapy. Nocturnal oximetry is a cost-effective way to get patients to therapy.
Patient Safety, Inc. is committed to providing reliable, consistent and effective high-resolution pulse oximeters and software that allow practitioners to accurately screen patients for sleep-disordered breathing. Using the most precise oximetry data on the market, Patient Safety helps you choose the best care path for your patients by determining risk of subtle and complex sleep-related breathing disorders not easily identified with other pulse oximetry products. Our SatScreen Report has a green to red dashboard that is designed to eliminate patient questionnaire fatigue by providing visualized, objective data that is more likely to result in patient engagement.
The SleepSat 3-D Hi-Res oximeter uses a high sampling rate, precise signal resolution and superior averaging times to accurately track small changes and short-cycle fluctuations. Our SatScreen software applies advanced analytics and pattern detection to the SleepSat’s best-in-class data to index ventilatory instability and baseline drifts in oxygen, which can help detect UARS, Nocturnal Hypoventilation, Cheyne-Stokes and OSA. SleepSat data is analyzed within minutes, and uploaded reports are accessible 24/7 through our cloud-based viewer.



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