Team Member Collaboration for Optimal Care… A Legal Perspective
   Lecture Description  
  Dental offices including dental team members are front line for optimal care including patient intake, screening, coordinating diagnosis, medical billing and documenting a plan of care. Navigating the administrative responsibilities is paramount and understanding legalities can be confusing to figure out. Dr. Ken Berley and Glennine Varga will discuss these topics and provide insight from a legal perspective.

1. Attendees will understand patient intake and what is important to document regarding patient expectations. 

2. Attendees will learn about screening for sleep disordered breathing and what is appropriate to do in both children and adults. 
3. Attendees will be given protocol for coordinating a diagnosis with a physician.
4. Attendees will be introduced to medical billing legalities and documenting a plan of care. 
Ken Berley, DDS
Dr. Ken Berley is a dentist/attorney with over 35 years of dental experience and over 22 years in the legal profession.  For the past 10 years he has focused his practice on the treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing and TMD.  As the only DDS/JD/Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, he stays busy lecturing and consulting in the areas of risk management and the development of a successful dental sleep medicine (DSM) practice. 

Dr. Berley has written numerous consent forms that are used in general and dental sleep medicine practices. He is the co-author of The Clinicians Handbook for Dental Sleep Medicine (Quintessence).

With his unique background he provides consulting services for various insurance companies and actively defends and advises dentists who are facing legal challenges. Dr. Berley is the President of Dental Sleep Apnea Team,  a consulting firm offering in-office training on Dental Sleep Medicine, legal advice, contracts, consent forms and documents to assist the DSM practice. 

  Glennine Varga
Glennine Varga is a dental sleep medicine coach and co-founder of The Dental Sleep Apnea Team. She has been employed in dental education for over 22 years. Glennine is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). She has been a TMD/Sleep Apnea trainer and speaker with emphasis on medical billing and documentation for 20 years and has trained doctors and teams in the use of electro-diagnostic equipment for 5 years. She is a visiting faculty member of The Pankey Institute and Spear Education’s Dental Sleep Medicine courses. She is a HealthyStart® consultant and has trained and assisted hundreds of dental offices on practice management, TMD/Sleep Apnea concepts, full mouth reconstruction and medical billing. Glennine has been published by Aesthetic Dentistry and is a columnist for the quarterly publication Dental Sleep Practice (DSP) magazine.


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