Track 15: AAMS Congress (Academy of Applied Myofunctional Scientists) 
Prescription for Play:  The Adverse Effects of Lack of Play on Airway and Oral Functions:

Lecture Description

For children, play is a vital part of growth and development. Research shows that beyond pleasure, the purpose of active play is to provide stimulation for proper perceptual, sensorimotor and neural development, executive and regulatory functions, as well as language, physical and social development. With children’s increasingly sedentary lifestyles and lack of active outdoor play, children’s airway and oral functions are compromised. Through research and case studies, we will bridge the importance of how play can prevent airway and oral dysfunction.|

Learning Objectives:
1.  Identify at least 3 risk factors and/or barriers for children’s lack of play in today’s society.
2.  Describe 3 benefits of gross motor, sensory motor, and fine motor play as foundations for optimal airway and oral function as
     they relate to the craniofacial complex and cranial nerve integration

  Nicole Archambault, EdS, MS, CCC-SLP, CLEC
Nicole Archambault is an ASHA board certified speech-language pathologist, certified lactation educator-counselor, and airway/sleep literacy advocate.  She is the founder and executive director of Minds In Motion and has served as a teaching assistant at Johns Hopkins University in the Graduate School of Education's Mind, Brain, and Teaching program. In addition to obtaining BA and MS degrees in Speech & Hearing Sciences, Nicole also holds an EdS in brain research (Educational Neuroscience). She is as a member of the scientific committee in speech-language pathology for the AAMS and is the myofunctional therapy section leader for the AAPMD.  Nicole is an eight time recipient of the ACE award from ASHA.  She is a national and international speaker, as well as a published author on the topics of educational neuroscience, orofacial myofunctional therapy, airway function disorders and the autonomic nervous system, and sleep wellness in pediatrics.  Her first article for The ASHA Leader garnered a Bronze Excel Award from Association Media & Publishing for Best Column.  Nicole is an active clinical researcher, as well as a passionate advocate for interdisciplinary collaboration and public health awareness on airway health and sleep.  She is a 2016 graduate of the Mind, Brain, Teaching graduate certificate program at Johns Hopkins University.
  Hila Robbins, DMD
Dr. Hila Robbins, a board-certified specialist in pediatric dentistry, received her DMD from the U Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, conducted research at the NIDCR, and completed a fellowship in pediatric dentistry at the world-renowned Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She completed her specialty residency at the UCLA School of Dentistry and the UCLA Center for Health Sciences, where she also served as Adjunct Assistant Professor. A leader in multidisciplinary oral health care, Dr. Robbins integrates peer-reviewed scientific and evidence-based clinical knowledge and best practices from the broad community of pediatric health care, functional, and occupational specialists and practitioners throughout the U.S., and internationally. Dr. Robbins intergrates cranioosteopathy, breathing re-education, OMT, as well as functional movement and posture into the practice of pediatric dentistry. Dr. Robbins is a certified instructor in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® and a Fellow of the Buteyko Professionals International.
  Speech, Feeding, and Sleep Improvements in Young Children After Tongue-Tie Release & You Can Too
   Lecture Description:  
  Richard Baxter, DMD, MS
r. Richard Baxter is a board-certified pediatric dentist and diplomate of the American Board of Laser Surgery. He is a nationally recognized speaker on tongue-ties, and lead author of the bestselling book Tongue-Tied: How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Speech, Feeding, and More. He is passionate about educating parents and healthcare practitioners about the effects a tongue-tie can have throughout the lifespan. He lives in Birmingham, AL with his wife, Tara, their five-year-old old twin girls, Hannah and Noelle, and infant Molly. He is the founder and owner of the Alabama Tongue-Tie Center where he uses the CO2 laser to release oral restrictions that are causing nursing, speech, dental, sleep and feeding issues. He had a tongue-tie himself, and all three of his girls were treated for tongue and lip-tie at birth, so for him, this field is a personal one. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor activities. He serves as an elder at his church and is on the board of Reach the Rest, a global missions organization. Dr. Baxter also participates in many overseas dental mission trips. He is currently working on several research and educational projects related to tongue-ties.

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