We’ll bring the cutting edge education and renowned faculty; you bring the best resources: together we’ll unite for collaborative healthcare while expanding into new markets!

Did you know?

  • There are an estimated 14,000 Integrative Professionals in Puerto Rico.
  • Hundreds of additional providers in the Virgin Islands hunger for integrative resources and consider San Juan to be next door.
  • Most providers purchase their products from US suppliers who will customize their orders due to their limited resources.
  • The successful involvement of AAPMD joining the Learning Floor in 2016 encouraged this new model with more crossover opportunities planned!
  • ACAM provides great reciprocal incentives - let’s get the word out to maximize our combined resources!
  • Puerto Rico welcomes & encourages integrative medicine!

Experience world-class, highly personalized service from ACAM. Your time is valuable: our Exhibitor Services team provides you with seamless assistance before, during and after the event. We are here as a liaison between your departments while fostering creative ideas and working collaboratively. In addition to your sales team, please encourage your key leaders or clients to attend the meeting - this allows them interaction with our leading educators and marketplace influencers. We strive to bring more relationship and less demand on the “show” as we understand the best relationships are mutual. Enjoy our expanded packages, which include several touch points with our members throughout the year. Please consider our corporate level sponsorships as we work together to reshape the experience with vision towards lasting, sustainable relationships. Our goal is to ensure a successful return on your investment as we respond to the ever-changing integrative medicine environment and explore enduring opportunities to create together. VIEW PRINTABLE PROSPECTUS



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