LOW DOSE IMMUNOTHERAPY 2 Day Workshop (12.75 CME Credits)
Wednesday, September 13: 8AM - 5PM; Thursday, September 14: 8AM - 1:30PM
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Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) is a remarkable treatment for allergies, most types and autoimmune disease and various chronic inflammatory disorders. The technique originated around 1960, as Enzyme-Potentiated Desensitization, changed to Low Dose Allergy (LDA) therapy in the 1990's in the U.S., and has an excellent record of success with allergic conditions such as asthma, hay fever, chronic rhinitis/sinusitis, severe eczema, urticaria, anaphylaxis foods, chemical sensitivities and inhalant allergy of all types. More recently, through the work of Dr. Vincent, it has been found to be an extremely effective new treatment for Lyme disease and a growing number of immu
ne-mediated and inflammatory conditions. There are now nearly 200 practitioners in the LDI network internationally, including MD/DO physicians, ANP's, PA's, naturopaths and other integrative practitioners. Practitioners who employ LDA feel there is no better immunotherapy technique available anywhere, especially for difficult and complex immune/inflammatory problems.

This two-day workshop on LDI instruction will include basic instruction for qualified personnel who want to begin using the technique the right way, basic dosage strategies, and all that is needed to use this treatment. No previous experience with homeopathy or other forms of immunotherapy is required. Instruction will begin with the history of the technique, basic concepts and proposed mechanisms, and progress through new clinical developments to the nuts and bolts of practical application of the technique. There will be ample time for Q&A; and practitioners should leave with the training needed to begin utilizing this therapy right away.

The more advanced treatment methods for a growing number of autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses with LDI are truly remarkable, and are based on the principal of “molecular mimicry”. Understanding this principal permits us to treat autoimmune illnesses that are typically precipitated by the body’s untoward reaction to bacteria and other organisms that live within us. Practitioners using LDI are successfully treating rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, interstitial cystitis, psoriasis and other severe afflictions that are typically treated without powerful and potentially hazardous medications.

One of the most exciting recent developments is the LDI treatment for Lyme disease that Dr. Vincent discovered in 2014 and that most LDI practitioners are now using successfully. LDI eliminates the need for antibiotics or antimicrobial treatments of any sort, and has much greater success. Dr. Vincent will tell you all about the advances in technique he has discovered to more rapidly find the precise treatment dose.

Mastering this technique will quickly make you the most sought-after practitioner in your area, known for treating “impossible” conditions with dramatic success. Whether you are a prospective user of LDA/LDI or one who has used it for many years, you will leave this meeting with knowledge far beyond your expectations and with new treatments you can employ immediately.


Ty Vincent, MD
Ty Vincent, MD is an integrative physician in practice since 2005 in Wasilla, Alaska where he has a large multidisciplinary integrative clinic. He completed medical school through the University of Washington, and a residency in family medicine in Anchorage, Alaska. Dr. Vincent has gained additional training in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, environmental medicine, allergy and immunology, bio-identical hormone therapy, chelation therapy, hyperbaric medicine, integrative cancer therapy, Reiki and nutritional medicine.

Dr. Vincent has lectured nationally many times on the subjects of bio-identical hormone therapies, vitamin D, and low dose immunotherapy. In 2014, Dr. Vincent developed immune therapy techniques for treating chronic Lyme disease and a large number of autoimmune diseases with a high degree of success and safety. He has since been treating patients across the country with these disabling illnesses, and educating other practitioners in the use of this new therapy.

Dr. Vincent is married with eight children, and currently resides in Kona, Hawaii. He works from home, helping chronically ill people around the world via telemedicine consultation and sending Low Dose Immunotherapy to their homes. He can be best reached via email at customerservice@globalimmunotherapy.com. The website www.globalimmunotherapy.com has more information for providers and patients.

Dr. Vincent has indicated that he has no financial relationships with any commercial supporters.



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