8AM - 5PM   $425 | $625
Predictive Biomarkers: Implementing the New Standard in Evidence-based Personalized Medicine
with Russell Jaffe, BS, MD, PhD

ACAM invites you to attend this new and exciting optional non-CME workshop with Dr. Russell Jaffe. By the end of this workshop, attendees will know what predictive biomarkers are and how to use them in practice, understand the difference between standard tests and functional predictive tests, identifying associated epigenetic risks, and more. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION

8AM-6:30PM    $799 | $999
Advanced Chelation Workshop with today's chelation experts
ACAM offers the education to take your Chelation therapy to the next level with this optional advanced non-CME workshop. Our basic chelation and practicum will allow you to be certified to practice, but how do you take it to the next level?  Find out in this all new revised course chaired by Dr. Lyn Patrick and Co-Chair Dot Merritt. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION


8AM-6:30PM  $699 | $899
ACAM Boot Camp Series (Multi-day)
with today's integrative medicine experts
New to the Integrative Medicine landscape? New & veteran members alike can explore the complete landscape with the founders and the industry’s leading educators!  This important new non-CME workshop will cover topics within the integrative medicine model: including intake forms, diets, diet diaries, questionnaires, the biochemistry of nutritional supplementation, an introduction to intravenous vitamin therapy, detoxification, hormones, the microbiome and gut health, and metabolic syndrome. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION

8:30AM-4:30PM  $295
Renewal, Revival, and Survival in the Backcountry
with Sheryl Olson, RN
This full day program in Red Rock Canyon is a hands-on experience where you will learn how to assess and manage orthopedic injuries including improvised methods for creating a reliable cervical collar, forearm and wrist splint, femoral traction splint, and pelvic immobilizer. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION

4:15PM-6:15PM   |   $79
Energy Medicine
with Dennis Harper, DC & Lyn Hanshew, MD

ACAM is very excited to present the first energy-based workshop created specifically for ACAM. This two hour workshop (half hour didactic learning, 1 hour hands-on training, half hour discussion) will demonstrate the usage and application of energy science and how it can be used in your practice. The workshop will include energy-based nutrients, pulsed magnetic frequency, infrared technology, cold laser, brain mapping, and where to go to find more information on all of these topics. The only tools you need to bring are a willingness to explore new ideas and a passion for healing. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION


4:15PM-6:15PM  |  $125
Choosing the Right Medication for Treating Obesity: Use of Standard, Advanced Off-Labeled Drugs, & the Principle of ‘Sequential Polypharmacy
with Stephen Petteruti, DO
Options for the treatment of obesity have expanded rapidly the last few years. Unfortunately, experience with how to integrate all the different options remains elusive. Single use of any one prescription drug is not fully effective in most cases. This two hour seminar will review all of the most effective prescription medicines, both on and off label, for treating obesity. More importantly, you will learn which combination of drugs work best and in it which doses to use them. If you are not actively treating obesity, this will be your springboard into this life-changing arena of medicine. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION


4:15PM-6:15PM   |   $95
Applications of Nutrigenomics
with Pauline Gee, PhD

This workshop will cover genetic variations in housekeeping genes that have a role in how we metabolize some nutrients in foods. These genetic variations are common to many of us and yet are different in the combinations of genetic variations and different in how they translate to unique nutritional needs for an individual. Learn how you can find out your patient’s genetic variations in genes that are related to nutrition and how to determine your patient’s nutritional status from a corresponding lifestyle survey. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION

1:30PM-8:30PM   $799 | $999
Medical Weight Loss Practicum & Certification*
with Stephen Petteruti, DO and Shannon Petteruti, RN
ACAM offers this exclusive Medical Weight Loss Certification, with a pre-requisite of the ACAM “Successfully Treat Patient Obesity” webinar series. Besides testing on the ideas learned in the webinar, the practicum also includes the topic of advanced use of hormones in weight management, including functional management of thyroid and bio-identical sex hormones as they relate to managing obesity. The practicum will be concluded with an examination that will enable you to become certified by ACAM in personalized obesity treatment. VIEW DETAILED COURSE DESCRIPTION

*HAVEN’T TAKEN THE PREREQUISITE “SUCCESSFULLY TREAT PATIENT OBESITY” WEBINARS YET? Purchase the ACAM webinar series at www.acam.org/MWL2015. These webinars are a requirement; registration for the live practicum will not be permitted if the webinar series has not been purchased. REGISTER NOW

1:30PM-8:30PM     $999 | $1005
Chelation Practicum & Certification*
with W.A. "Butch" Shrader, MD
ACAM offers the only CCT certification course in the nation, with a pre-requisite of the ACAM Chelation webinar series. This session will cover what you need to know to actually begin IV chelation in your office: the actual nuts and bolts for the office administration of a standard IV chelation infusion of Disodium EDTA.  The lecture will cover the safety precautions to use and the reasons we add the nutrients to a chelation protocol. This will also include the calculation of the dose of EDTA to administer, how to mix a complete chelation infusion, and how to start and finish a chelation infusion.  We will also cover the calculation of "safe" osmolarity for any IV you wish to create yourself in your office. The final element will be an actual hands-on IV workshop where attendees will administer the ACAM Chelation Infusion protocol. VIEW DETAILED DESCRIPTION

*HAVEN’T TAKEN THE PREREQUISITE CHELATION WEBINARS YET? Purchase the ACAM Chelation Webinar Series at www.acam.org/ChelationWeb. These webinars are a requirement; registration for the live practicum will not be permitted if the webinar series has not been purchased. REGISTER NOW

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