The Whole Health Network is the developer and manufacturer of the LiveO2 and Live O2 with Altitude Contrast systems, uniquely specialized yet simple to use oxygen training systems that accelerate the user to receive hyperbaric benefits in 15 minute exercise sessions. Explained simply, a user connects to the Live O2 respirator system, and exercises. The combination of an elevated heart rate and surplus oxygen in the lungs produce body oxygen levels that achieve and often exceed oxygen
perfusion levels of hyperbaric chambers.  Restoring youthful oxygen levels reproducibly improves immunity, reduces body-wide inflammation and improves both cognitive function and vascular health. LiveO2 systems are priced to be affordable to patients, and provide resale margins that allow most doctors to improve the overall health of their patients as they improve their bottom line.



McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc.
2921 W MacArthur Blvd #142 | Santa Ana, CA 92704
877.444.1133 |

cGuff Medical Products is a  nationwide distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical office supplies, and nutritional supplements at very competitive prices. With 34 years of experience, we have expertise to answer your questions about administering IV and other alternative therapies. McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services provides a level of commitment and value that is unsurpassed. We are independently certified  as ISO 9001:2008 compliant and accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). We compound all dosage forms including sterile injections and can deliver our compounds to all US states, territories and protectorates. Product quality and patient safety are our number one concern.



25 Enterprise, Suite 200 | Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
800.692.9400 |

Metagenics, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, is a global life sciences company focused on reversing chronic illness and improving health. Founded in 1983, the company serves tens of thousands of health care professionals and more than a million patients worldwide, and holds over 40 proprietary patents for use in nutraceuticals, medical foods, and pharmaceuticals. Today, Metagenics continues its leadership role by successfully merging the disciplines of nutritional genomics, functional medicine, and lifestyle medicine programs to find solutions to society’s most pressing health concerns. For more information, please visit


Continental US: 888-823-3869 | International: 801-785-4002

Results RNA®: Founded by innovative research scientists Brian Larson and David Larson, Results RNA is a biomedical research firm headquartered in Utah. With decades and multi millions invested in research and development, Results RNA has achieved monumental scientific breakthroughs with the advent of Intra-oral spray technology; providing significant new health formulations to help you feel better, have more energy and endurance, to sleep better, achieve your health goals and live a better life.

Results RNA technologies are protected by significant U.S. and global patents. Forward thinking teams of research scientists, medical professionals and educators have been on a mission for the last 20 years to save and improve lives through groundbreaking biologics. Results RNA Intra-oral sprays represent a new age in detoxification and supplementation. This is the new science of health.


577 Main Street | Waltham, MA 02452
781.893.3870 |

Welcome to Johnson Compounding & Wellness. We began in business in 1852, but our approach to healthcare is thoroughly contemporary. We believe treating the whole person is fundamental to health and healing.
We are Massachusetts’ first and only sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board.

We also feature a full range of nutritional supplements, natural products and homeopathic remedies, and have a naturopathic doctor on staff to consult with you about alternative approaches to your health care. We hope you’ll stop by sometime and let us show you how we can contribute to your vitality and well-being.


3755 Illinois Avenue | St. Charles, IL 60174 | 800-323-2784

Doctor's Data, Inc. has provided innovative specialty testing to healthcare practitioners around the world from our advanced CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory since 1972. A specialist and pioneer in essential and toxic elemental testing, the laboratory provides a wide array of functional testing to aid in decision making and better patient outcomes.  Choose DDI to help you assess and treat heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal function, cardiovascular risk, liver and metabolic abnormalities, and more.


140 Northway Ct | Raleigh, NC 27615 | 888-571-3100

Based in Raleigh North Carolina MedPro Rx, Inc. is a specialty pharmacy focused on specialty infusion therapies including hemophilia and immune globulin. MedPro Rx places a strong emphasis on patient advocacy and providing resources for patients to live at their best. Together MedPro Rx and its parent company Diplomat, the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy, serve patients and physicians in all 50 states and are committed to the founding tenet: "Take good care of patients, and the rest falls into place." Today, that tradition continues – always focused on improving patient care and clinical adherence. For more information visit or


44621 Guilford Dr #150 | Ashburn, VA 20147
800.525.7372 |

PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) is dedicated to speeding the transition from sickness care to healthful caring.  Delivering novel, personalized health solutions, PIH gives you and your patients the tools to achieve sustained optimal wellness. 
Combining the best in functional, evidence-based testing with premium professional supplements, and healthful lifestyle guides, PIH solutions deliver successful outcomes in even the toughest cases.
PERQUE. A complete line of 100% bioavailable, active, novel nutritional supplements.  Clinically proven and trusted by healthcare practitioners for more than 25 years. 
ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies. Pioneers in functional, evidence-based tests.  Helping practitioners solve clinical mysteries for more than 30 years. Exclusive providers of LRA by ELISA/ACT tests - the gold standard in delayed hypersensitivity testing.
The Alkaline Way. Comprehensive EAT, DRINK, THINK & DO lifestyle program and self-assessments to re-establish balance and achieve personalized wellness goals.
Dr. Russell M. Jaffe, CEO and Chairman of PIH, is one of the pioneers of integrative and regenerative medicine.  Since inventing the world’s first single step amplified (ELISA) procedure in 1984, a process for measuring and monitoring all delayed allergies, Dr. Jaffe has continually sought new ways to help speed the transition from our current healthcare system’s symptom-reactive model to a more functionally integrated, effective and compassionate system. PIH is the outcome of years of Dr. Jaffe’s scientific research. It brings to market three decades of rethinking safer more effective, novel and proprietary dietary supplements, supplement delivery systems, diagnostic testing, and validation studies.

 Booth 121
4320 3rd Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11232
718.788.3840 |

Empire City Laboratories is a full-service clinical laboratory that is dedicated to provide highly-efficient results to both doctors and patients. We guarantee our services and 100% confidentiality. Empire City Laboratories uses the latest medical technology to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of patient test results.

Empire City Laboratories is dedicated to providing superior service to your medical practice. Empire City is a privately-owned, fully-equipped laboratory that operates in the tri-state area and is fully licensed in 9 states. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems that provide exceptionally fast results for medical professionals

Empire City Laboratories operates with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy. Our customer service department guarantees that we will provide your results accurately and as quickly as possible. Our business is all about the relationships we have with our clients, we strive for courteous relationships with the medical facilities that we serve. We are committed to delivering reliable and precise diagnostic results.


218 Main Street | Suite 295 | Kirkland, WA 98033 | 888-262-5903

Perfect Balance, Inc. has been in business for more than 25 years and has spent most of that time working in the field of cancer. We have a new molecule which is non-toxic and completely targeted to cancer cells. Salicinium changes the way the macrophage of the immune system recognizes diseased cells through immune modulation. The Nagalase enzyme produced by anaerobic cells suppresses the natural function of the
immune system providing safety for diseased cells.
Salicinium will only affect anaerobic cells by destroying this enzymatic “cloak” which allows them to hide from the immune system’s NK cells. By halting Nagalase the
anaerobic cell can no longer protect itself from the
immune macrophage. Testing shows Salicinium directly kills Circulating Tumor Cells thus stopping the spread of the disease as well as Cancer Stem Cells stopping the
recurrence of the disease. It has no toxicity and
measurable markers for monitoring a patient’s progress.

 Booth 307

2611 N San Fernando Road | Los Angeles, CA 90065 | 800-69-MERIT

Merit Pharmaceutical is the leading  supplier of pharma and IV infusion therapy supplies for the comprehensive and
integrative healthcare professional. Merit offers office based providers the most popular IV products: catheters, winged infusion sets, gravity sets & extension sets, IV solutions, IV poles, sharps containers, dressings and much more. Please stop by our booth and speak with us. All of us at Merit look forward to meeting with you and partnering in your success.

4950 Communications Ave, Suite 250 | Boca Raton, FL 33484
877.316.8686 |

Physicians Lab specializes in delivering state of the art science and superior solutions. We settle for nothing less than the very best in quality, technology, convenience and customer service. Physicians Lab ensures your journey to total wellness is off to a great start – for you and your physician. We deliver step by step guidance, broad-spectrum testing from the comfort and convenience of your own home, including blood and urine testing and analysis. And, once your collection samples are returned to the lab, we operate under the highest standards of quality control to guarantee you get precise, accurate results from the top medical technologists in the business. You never get a second chance to make a first impression – at Physicians Lab, we make sure nothing stands between you and your achievement of optimal health.

 Booth 220
800.228.4265 |

When you purchase our supplements and other natural products, you receive our considerable experience and expertise. Our supplements are designed to be effective rather than to target price points. We are involved in all aspects of product design, materials specification, and distribution. We supply health care professionals with the highest-quality, most bioavailable nutritional supplements. The same pure and potent supplements we supply to doctors are available to you. Our products, with a few necessary exceptions, are formulated to eliminate the following ingredients: wheat, corn, starch, soy, egg, dairy (lactose, casein), animal fats, gelatin, yeast, sugar, wax, preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavorings. All products, except Bone Guardian, Joint Health Formula, and Hematin, exclude animal products, except for a gelatin capsule that vegetarians/vegans may discard.

 Booth 209

195 Willis Street | Bedford, Ohio 44146 | 40-232-6000  (Terri Collura)

BrainMaster Technologies Inc. is an 18-year-old medical equipment manufacturing company which offers FDA 510K registered EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback equipment which is made in the U.S.A.  Our equipment’s capacities include 3D sLORETA brain imaging, EEG Biofeedback Neurofeedback training and brain mapping (known as qEEG) for the benefit of licensed practitioners and their clients. Understanding underlying brain physiology in relationship to symptoms is now a scientific reality; giving new insights relative to client diagnosis and treatment.  Our goal is to elevate stress related approaches and therapies to licensed practitioners which promote brain self-regulation through learning processes such as neurofeedback.  We offer several equipment packages to meet you or your client’s needs. Visit and
stress our sister corporation, for all your equipment and educational needs.  Contact us and we will show you the benefits of adding 3D Brain Imaging, qEEG, and Neurofeedback to your clinic.  Based in Cleveland, Ohio.

 Booth 309

College Pharmacy
3505 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Suite 101 | Colorado Springs, CO  80918
Tel: (800) 888-9358 / (719) 262-0022 | Fax: (800) 556-5893 / (719) 262-0035
Email: | Website:

Knowledge Changes Everything: Quality. Innovation. Experience. Since 1974. It is our compounding process, attention to detail, and quality of the compounding components that continues to make our formulations exceptional. For over 40 years, our experienced compounding pharmacists have provided healthcare practitioners with innovative solutions for health and wellness success. Our expertise includes: Specialty Injectables, IV Protocols, Chelation, Environmental Medicine, Low Dose & Custom Allergens, BHRT (Pellet Implants), Addiction Medicine, and more. College Pharmacy’s state-of-the-art USP 795 & 797 compliant facility and ISO 8 compounding lab enables us to produce the highest quality sterile formulations. Our testing protocol includes Potency, Sterility, Endotoxin, and Fungal testing. International? College Pharmacy is one of the few compounding pharmacies in the U.S. that is able to work directly with healthcare practitioners and patients throughout the world. Now available through College Pharmacy: BioG MicroTabs Advanced Nutritional Supplement Delivery System (specialty, custom, private label blends).


301 S Westfield Rd Ste. 200 | Madison, WI 53717 | 608-827-8000

Quincy Bioscience developed Prevagen Professional, a first-in-class memory supplement.  Only Prevagen contains the ingredient apoaequorin, a protein originally discovered in jellyfish and shown to support neuronal calcium balance.   In a published, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Prevagen improved memory, word recall and learning in as early as 30 days.  Prevagen Professional (40 mg) is exclusive to the healthcare practitioner market.

 Booth 316  

224 Cedar Ridge Court | Andover, KS 67002 | 316-680-3330

Creative Clinical Concepts, Inc is an independent distributor of in-vitro diagnostic products. We are featuring our Urinary 11-dehydrothromboxane B2 (11-DHTXB2) kit as a marker of systemic thromboxane A2 production. Thromboxane A2 is generated in-vivo by the action of Cyclooxygenase 1 & 2 on arachidonic acid. The test has been cleared by the FDA for the purpose of monitoring aspirin effect in apparently healthy individuals. 11-DHTXB2 levels have been correlated with many different chronic disease states including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and other inflammatory



15720 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop, Ste 3
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | 866-927-8075

Fry Laboratories, LLC is an independent clinical diagnostic and research laboratory located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are committed to understanding chronic diseases and contributing to their cure through advancements in diagnostics and basic science research with emphasis on chronic inflammatory diseases and vector-borne diseases. Our clinical diagnostic laboratory offers general and targeted immunology services in conjunction with standard and cutting edge infectious disease detection and identification technologies. Our signature services include pan-bacterial metagenomic identification by the RIDI™ (Rapid Infectious Disease Identification) DNA sequencing system, microscopy for visual identification and quantification of a wide range of blood-borne pathogens, co-infection serology, biofilm detection, and genus-wide molecular detection technology. We participate in both CAP and API quality control programs and provide worldwide testing services.



518 Old Santa Fe Trail | Santa Fe, NM 87505 |800-929-WILEY

By mimicking our own biology, we have harnessed the safest and most powerful hormone therapy that nature can provide. We then took it a step further and
developed the world’s first patented compounded BHRT system. The Wiley Protocol suite of products are produced by licensed and trained compounding
pharmacies around the world. All active pharmaceutical Ingredients come from a single supplier, and all formulations are identical in strength, composition, and packaging. Dosing is controlled and is in small increments allowing for extremely precise delivery and minute customization per patient need. Doctors can feel confident prescribing The Wiley Protocol because their patients are receiving comprehensive, well thought out, professionally compounded and packaged products.


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