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The Voice - Our Newsletter - December 31, 2013
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As 2013 comes to a close, ACAM would like to wish its members, partners and other industry professionals a safe and happy holiday season. As we reflect on the past year for the industry, we would like to provide the readers of The ACAM Voice a look at the most accessed articles from the year. Our regular publication will resume on Jan. 7.

Everything you need to know about the new cholesterol guidelines
By Ron Hoffman, MD
From Dec. 3: Last week, we all awoke to a sea-change in the way mainstream medicine approaches the prescribing of cholesterol drugs. It caught many of the "worried well" by surprise. Even most doctors were blind-sided. Prescriptions for "statin" drugs--like Lipitor, Zocor, Prevachol and Crestor--have soared over the past decade, fueled by clever TV ads and guidelines put out by the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Currently, 37 million Americans take these drugs.
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ACAM welcomes our newest members
Each week ACAM welcomes new integrative practitioners to the organization. We're happy to introduce our newest members to you!

Deborah Ardolf, NMD - Arizona
Chung Chiu, Student - New Jersey
Vince Goff, Student - Arizona

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ACAM welcomes the following member renewals
ACAM would like to recognize the following professionals who have decided to renew their membership.

Ernesto Lira, MD - Texas
Tracy Latz, MD - North Carolina
Anthony Bazzan, MD - Pennsylvania
Charles Hinshaw, MD - Kansas
Jerald Ratner, MD - Colorado

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Integrative medicine making inroads
Chicago Daily Herald
From June 3: It seems that the world is moving faster every year and change has become the new constant. This is especially evident in the area of nontraditional medicine. During the past 30 years, nontraditional medicine has transformed from a health care approach primarily done by those on the fringe to almost mainstream medicine. This change is most apparent in the Program for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona — the brainchild of Dr. Andrew Weil.
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To motivate patients to change, doctors stop scolding
The Wall Street Journal
From May 6: Health-care providers are helping patients kick bad habits and start new regimens by turning the tables on the traditional doctor-patient relationship. They are using a technique called motivational interviewing, which was developed and used effectively in the 1980s in substance-abuse and addiction counseling. It has since been adapted for chronic-disease management, medication adherence, smoking cessation and weight-loss counseling by health systems and companies including Aetna and Weight Watchers International Inc.
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A deeper look into the science of alternative cancer treatments
By Dr. Antonio Jimenez, MD
From Dec. 10: In the September 2013 publication of the ACAM Voice newsletter, we wrote about the Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy and how they are intricately connected together in the article entitled "Alternative Cancer Treatments and the Rubik's Cube." The importance of alternative treatments as applied to chronic diseases, including cancer, cannot be over-stressed. This paper shares some of our insight into the scientific basis of these treatment paradigms, illustrated by one of our mainstay treatments, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy.
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Chipotle starts labeling GMO ingredients on website menu
The Huffington Post
From June 24: Many consumers think of Chipotle Mexican Grill as a healthy place to eat — or at least a healthy alternative to other fast-food chains. The brand often promotes its commitment to naturally raised meats and local produce in a bid to distance itself from places like Taco Bell and McDonald's. But it turns out that even at Chipotle, you can't escape genetically modified organisms, which were developed in the '90s to increase farmers' productivity but have been dogged by criticism from some health advocates and environmentalists.
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  Increase accuracy, add iSpot Lyme

Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose. 50-70% of patients go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to low sensitivity of traditional antibody-based testing. iSpot Lyme™ is a new breakthrough cellular immune diagnostic tool that can detect the bacterial infection of Lyme disease with 84% sensitivity and 94% specificity.

Shocking Lyme disease statistics — and why money and politics stand in the way of a cure
Alliance for Natural Health
From June 10: It's an epidemic larger than AIDS, the West Nile virus, and the avian flu combined. So why is conventional medicine pretending it doesn’t exist?

Lyme disease is a complex multi-system inflammatory disease that can affect every tissue and major organ system in the body. Clinically, it can appear as a chronic arthralgia (joint pain), fibromyalgia (fibrous connective tissue and muscle pain), chronic fatigue, brain fog, immune dysfunction, and neurological disease. It may even be fatal in severe cases. Transmission occurs primarily through the bite of ticks, though fewer than 50 percent of patients with Lyme disease recall a tick bite.

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Don't empower the FDA to take away your access to compounded medications
Alliance for Natural Health
From May 13: On April 26, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) released draft legislation that would "clarify" the FDA's ability to regulate both compounding pharmacies and the compounded medications themselves. It's our understanding that the draft bill was written with the specific intent of giving the FDA broad authority to remove compounded medications from the market in one of two ways: either by putting bulk ingredients on a list of "banned" compounded drugs, or by redefining compounded variations of approved drugs as illegal "copies."
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  Best Way to Sell Supplements

“Outsourcing” is more than a buzzword. Learn how it can transform your supplement sales, reduce headaches in your office and improve your bottom line. These days patients demand convenience and value, and now you can deliver without doing any of the work!

Cell membranes Part 2: Restoring cell membrane function
By Dan Carter, ND
From Nov. 27: In part 2 we will examine approaches to improve the state of membrane function, seeing that the cell membrane can indeed by resuscitated, improving cellular function and patient health. In order to accomplish this, we need to supply membrane substrates in their most beneficial form and via appropriate routes of administration.
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Today's 'alternative' treatments may be tomorrow's mainstream
The Wall Street Journal
From Nov. 27: Defining "alternative medicine" is the chief pitfall in any discussion of the topic. It is a nebulous term. The National Institutes of Health defines alternative medicine as a "nonmainstream approach [used] in place of conventional medicine" — effectively exiling it to a desert island and emphasizing that it can only be defined by its relation to mainstream medicine. The NIH notes that true alternative medicine is uncommon, because most people combine it with conventional techniques.
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  Consolidated Basic to Advance Ozone Techniques Using O3 Restore In Your Office

 This unique nationwide course includes ozone and vitamin injections, advanced injections and IV therapy.  You will be given hands on, practical instruction for specific diseases, ranging from chronic pain, musculo-skeletal and joint pain.  Understand how UBI with ozone will significantly improve general health and autoimmune disease.  Learn how to put these protocols into your practice and improve your patients well-being, naturally.  Limited spaces, so book TODAY.


Lawmakers strike agreement on compounding pharmacy regulation
The Hill
From Oct. 1: Health policy leaders in the House and Senate announced an agreement on legislation to strengthen regulation of non-traditional compounding pharmacies, which have been tied to several deadly outbreaks in the last year. Lawmakers said the new bill would apply uniform national standards to pharmacy compounding while enacting a track-and-trace system to ensure drugs are safe throughout the supply chain.
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Omega-3 oil and prostate cancer: What a recent study reveals about our current medical system
By Steven Hall, MD
From Aug. 27: You have by now no doubt heard about the new study linking higher blood levels of omega-3 oils to higher risk of prostate cancer. Several physicians, including Mark Hyman, MD, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Gerald Chodak, MD and Joe Mercola among others have reviewed this “study” and explained in detail why the study design and the kind of data collected make it impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions from the statistical analysis that the authors did. Yet the “study” got published in a peer-reviewed journal and picked up, misinterpreted and spread all over the lay press.
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Alternative cancer treatments and the Rubik's Cube
Dr. Antonio Jimenez, MD
Hope4Cancer Institute

From Sept. 3: In the field of cancer therapy, there is a glaring gap between the volume of published science that backs up conventional medicine when compared to alternative medicine. Lack of adequate resources has kept alternative medicine a relatively disorganized field, and much of the progress in this arena has been dependent on the individual brilliance of the bigger minds that are engaged in the development of its science and clinical research.
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A sauna a day keeps the doctor away
By Jonathan Collin, MD
From Dec. 3: In Roman days, the steam bath was a place to relax, get clean, and socialize. The Arab culture appreciated the sauna for its cleanliness and purification. The Finns thought of the sauna as a place not only to cleanse but also to heal. Finnish culture thought so highly of sauna that every homestead built a sauna first and then the home.
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