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The Voice - Our Newsletter - August 27, 2013
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From the Director's Desk
Michael Boutot, ACAM Executive Director
This week we officially opened registration for the ACAM Fall Conference, November 20-24, 2013 in Palm Springs. We have also created a special Facebook page for you to keep tabs and ask questions.

Be sure to visit the Facebook page and "LIKE" us and invite all your Facebook "friends".

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Omega-3 oil and prostate cancer: What a recent study reveals about our current medical system
Steven Hall, MD
You have by now no doubt heard about the new study linking higher blood levels of omega-3 oils to higher risk of prostate cancer. Several physicians, including Mark Hyman, MD, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Gerald Chodak, MD and Joe Mercola among others have reviewed this “study” and explained in detail why the study design and the kind of data collected make it impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions from the statistical analysis that the authors did. Yet the “study” got published in a peer-reviewed journal and picked up, misinterpreted and spread all over the lay press.
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The Changing Faces of Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid — Part two: Integration of symptoms, and genetic testing to select the best drugs for your patient
Dan Carter, ND
The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency range from mild to severe, and in many cases are not specific enough to confirm a diagnosis. Symptoms can include diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, light headedness on standing, poor appetite, pallor, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath on exertion, glossitis. Neurologic symptoms can appear after chronic deficiency and involve changes in mental status, depression, peripheral neuropathy, loss of balance.
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  Prevagen Professional Improves Memory

Prevagen Professional® is a unique memory supplement that has shown to improve short-term memory and word recall as early as 30 days. Only Prevagen contains the ingredient apoaequorin, a calcium-binding protein originally found in jellyfish. Prevagen Professional is exclusive to healthcare practitioners and has 4 times the apoaequorin than consumer strength Prevagen.


ACAM welcomes our newest members
Each week ACAM welcomes new integrative practitioners to the organization. We're happy to introduce our newest members to you!

Stuart Porter, DO - Provo, Utah
Njeri Mwangi, Associate - Windhoek, South Africa
Robert Weber, MD - Beverly Hills, Calif.
Fernando Aparico Gutierrez, Student ND - Madrid, Spain
Michael Bartiss, OD, MD - Aberdeen, NC

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ACAM welcomes the following member renewals
ACAM would like to recognize the following professionals who have decided to renew their membership.

Mohsin Syed, MD - Midland, Texas
Shivinder Deol, MD - Bakersfield, Calif.
David Minkoff, MD - Clearwater, Fla.
Margaret Jahries, APRN - Park City, Utah
Thomas Costello, DO - Trevose, Pa.
Gerald Wootan, DO, MEd, CCT - Jenk, Okla.
Stephen Danielson, ND - Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Martin Mulders, MD - Wayne, Pa.
Thelma Jones, MD - Scarsdale, N.Y.

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  Increase accuracy, add iSpot Lyme

Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose. 50-70% of patients go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to low sensitivity of traditional antibody-based testing. iSpot Lyme™ is a new breakthrough cellular immune diagnostic tool that can detect the bacterial infection of Lyme disease with 84% sensitivity and 94% specificity.


Exhibitors committed for Fall Conference
The following exhibitors have committed to exhibit at the ACAM Fall 2013 Conference at the Westin Mission Hills in Palm Springs:

CORPORATE ALLIANCE PARTNERS (12 exhibitors/16 booths)
  • Allergy Research Group (2)
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • College Pharmacy
  • Cyrex Laboratories
  • Doctor's Data (2)
  • ForeverHealth (2)

  • McGuff Company
  • Merit Pharmaceutical
  • OxyHealth (2)
  • T.A. Sciences
  • Wellness Pharmacy
  • Women's International Pharmacy
  • OTHER EXHIBITORS (41 exhibitors/45 booths)
    • A.C. Grace
    • Acquired Intelligence
    • Alletess Medical Laboratory
    • Alliance for Natural Health
    • AMARC Enterprises
    • American Association of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry
    • American Herbal Laboratories
    • Belmar Pharmacy
    • Biorica International Corp
    • Bio-Tech Pharmacal (2)
    • Biotics Research Corporation (2)
    • CNS Vital Signs
    • Designs for Health
    • DigiVision
    • Dunwoody Labs
    • Ecological Formulas
    • EdgeTech
    • Essential Formulas
    • Fairway Physicians Insurance
    • Fry Laboratories
    • Heptech

  • Ilhwa NA
  • Immunosciences Lab
  • Innovision Health Media
  • Med-Chem Laboratories
  • Mushroom Science (2)
  • National Health Federation
  • National Practitioner Magazine
  • Natural-Immunogenics
  • Neogenis
  • NeuroScience
  • PEMF - Pulse4Life (2)
  • Perfect Balance
  • ProThera
  • Quincy Bioscience
  • SEI Corp/Healing Institute of Beings
  • The Biomat Store
  • The Great Plains Laboratories
  • Wiley Compounding
  • Your Energy Systems
  • Zycal Bioceuticals

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    Stem cell from umbilical cord blood to treat autism?
    Las Vegas Guardian Express
    FDA recently approved a trial to enable researchers to determine whether stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood at birth can cure autism. The trial’s goal is to evaluate whether stem cell’s therapy has any effect on language and behavioral difficulties experienced by autistic children. The rationale to pursue this trial was linked to the encouraging results of unpublished data examining the potential of stem cell therapy in children with cerebral palsy.
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    GMO labeling backers outspend foes In Washington
    Backers of a Washington state ballot initiative to require labels on genetically modified foods have raised nearly four times more cash than their opponents. Both sides' contributions have come mostly from outside Washington state. Supporters of Initiative 522 have raised $3.5 million in their quest to have genetically engineered foods labeled in Washington. Opponents have raised $952,000, according to the state’s campaign-finance database.
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    LSU coach Les Miles endorses use of hyperbaric oxygen treatment
    The Advocate
    When Les Miles took his turn at the podium in July during Southeastern Conference Football Media Days, many of the reporters assembled there assumed the LSU coach would have something juicy or off the wall to say. After all, Miles was the guy who went off the wall, literally, in late May, climbing down the outside of a Baton Rouge skyscraper for charity.
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    Lyme disease figures soar, mostly in Northeast
    The Boston Globe
    New estimates indicate that Lyme disease is 10 times more common than previous national counts showed, the federal government announced Monday, with about 300,000 people getting the disease each year — most in the Northeast. The updated total, compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is based on data from health insurance claims, laboratories, and public surveys. Past estimates of 30,000 cases a year relied on physicians’ reports to states, and the illnesses were widely considered underreported.
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    Therapy Cells, Inc. receives patent granted for revolutionary cell therapy
    Therapy Cells Inc. announced that on Feb. 13, US patent US 11/702,895 was awarded to renowned scientist Dr. Patrick Casey and Transplantation Ltd, for his transformational cell therapy, exclusively licensed to Therapy Cells Inc for use in human applications. This revolutionary science dispenses with the traditional notion that cells cannot divide once they are fully mature. Dr Casey has shown that adult cells, given the right environment, can in fact divide and be grown in the laboratory. These new cells can then be used for transportation back to damaged tissue in the body, to enact tissue and organ healing.
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    Autologous cell therapy market worth $2.2 billion by 2017
    The report "Autologous Cell Therapy (ACT) Market (2012 - 2017)," published by MarketsandMarkets, would be the first global and exclusive report on ACT market. It also gives clear information about the complete industry, approved products and potential market size; it also identifies driving and restraining factors for the global ACT market with analysis of trends, opportunities and challenges. The market is segmented and revenue is forecasted on the basis of major regions such as USA, Europe and Rest of the World (ROW). Further, market is segmented and revenues are forecasted on the basis of potential application areas of ACT.
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    California: Bill to allow women to sell eggs for research is vetoed
    The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, has vetoed a bill that would have allowed women to sell their eggs for medical research. The bill's author, Susan Bonilla, said a lack of research into fertility was affecting thousands of women in California who face the decision of having to store their eggs for fertility reasons. 'Women should be very troubled that Governor Brown doesn't think they should be able to have a choice when it comes to their own eggs', she said.
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    Date Event Location
    Aug. 31-Sept. 2 41st Annual Cancer Convention Universal City, Calif.
    Sept. 7-8 Amino Acid Therapy: Defeating the Greatest Dietary Crisis of All time New York City
    Sept. 13 American Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Spa Conference San Diego, Calif.
    Sept. 20-22 Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference Chicago, Ill.
    Sept. 21-22 Obesity, Dysmetabolic Syndrome and Weight Management: Naturopathic Solutions to Optimize Clinical Management Pasadena, Calif.
    Oct. 5 LDN 2013 Palatine, Ill.
    Oct. 14-16 Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa La Jolla, Calif.
    Oct. 20 ACAM & Equinox host 1st Annual "Keys to Life Maximization" Health & Fitness Conference New York City
    Oct. 26-27 National Student Conference for Integrative Medicine 2013 Chicago, Ill.
    Nov. 8-11 International Health & Wellness Conference Atlanta, Ga.
    Nov. 12 The Most Common Drug Prescriptions: Clinical Updates, Managing Adverse Effects and Avoiding Drug-Herb Interactions Online Webinar
    Nov. 20-24 Annual ACAM Fall 2013 Conference Westin Mission Hills, Palm Spring, Calif.
    Dec. 6-8 11th Annual Dr. Roizen's Preventive Care and Integrative Medicine Conference Focus on Inflammation Las Vegas, Nev.

      For a complete list of upcoming events, click here.


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