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How to Live WITH and WITHOUT Cancer - by Vivienne Noble-McGehee, BA, CN

Posted By Frank O. McGehee, Jr, MD, CCN, Thursday, July 9, 2015
Updated: Thursday, May 7, 2015
I. Laboratory Testing
A. In order to assess the health status of the patient, lab testing with a 50 value chemistry, viral and fungal testing, and bone density should be performed. Additional testing should include fecal toxic metal test with provocation, saliva adrenal and bio identical hormone testing. If cancer is present, cancer markers such as CEA and CA 19-9 should be performed two times monthly. Standard labs should also be assessed monthly if cancer is present. Detailed questionnaires allow us to assess the symptoms patients have apart from the lab results. If the patient can furnish us with copies of laboratory results in the past year, it will help us assess treatment needs.

Iron Anemia
B. Many cancer patients suffer from serum iron and storage iron anemia, along with hemoglobin and hematocrit anemia. Most oncologists would immediately prescribe oral iron. If any microorganisms are present such as parasites, yeast, or virus, the additional oral iron fuels these organisms like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Yes, the patient is most certainly anemic because of chemo. Our choice is to replenish stores of iron naturally. B-vitamins such as B1, 2, 6, 12, and folic acid. These are the vitamins that build the body naturally. These B vitamins can be given orally and/or injected IM daily at home.

Thyroid Hormone Replacement
C. Most patients in America today are thyroid deficient, because of the lack of iodine in our food sources. While we perform a Total T3, T4, and TSH value, the results are sometimes obtuse, because of organisms inhabiting the thyroid. The determination of need for thyroid replacement is also the basal digital temperature under the arm, taken before getting out of bed in the morning. If the temperature is less than 97.6 degrees for 5 days in a row, the person would do well with T3 and T4 thyroid replacement. Naturesthroid is made from a porcine source; which is anatomically the closest to ours. Naturesthroid is exactly the T3 and T4 percentage found in the human body. Armour thyroid is similar to Naturesthroid, but has not been filtered additionally like Naturesthroid for impurities.

II. Detoxification
Because chemo and radiation does not willingly leave the body, detoxification of chemo and/or radiation with vitamin C IVs until immune markers improve. Vitamin C IV's are administered in 25, 50, and 75 gram doses. A minimum of a three month detox I V program three days a week should be begun as soon as possible. We have treated patients who are actively having treatment at cancer centers. If the patient takes the treatment on a Monday, the therapeutic benefit is over in 48 hours. The remnants of the treatment only cause additional cell degradation, and compromise kidney and immune functions. The patient could “drain off” the chemo on Wednesday with a detox IV

III. Immune System Repair
The reason the patient got cancer is that their immune system crashed. Immune system repair with anti oxidants like vitamin C; and other natural supplements is vital for recovery. The oral vitamin C we recommend is Lypo-Spheric, and is manufactured by Liv-On Labs. It is a gel, one just tears open a packet and squeezes it into the mouth. Because it is lypospheric, 1,000 milligrams; as it stays active for 12 hours in the system. Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant. The best Vitamin E is made by A.C. Grace Company. It is called Unique E - 400 IU 2X a day. There are many other immune modulators, which are actually too numerous to mention for this article.

IV. Use of Oxygen
Another beneficial treatment modality is the use of oxygen while sleeping and exercising. Most people are hypoxic, meaning they lack oxygen. Unless someone is an extreme athlete, they are in need of additional oxygen. Suggested exercises are yoga, Pilates, stationary bike riding, walking, low tension treadmill, light weight training, ballroom dancing, and swimming. Used Room air oxygen converters can be purchased for about $200.00 on Amazon. Use of oxygen while exercising and sleeping increases energy production. See hypoxia questionnaire at the end of this article.

V. Life Style Eating Choices
After cancer treatment, mineral and vitamin stores are left in a nutritional wasteland. Efforts should be made to take the stress off the body when digesting food. Nutrition and lifestyle eating changes should include: 80 percent raw food, and juicing of organic fruits and vegetables. Adequate consumption of water is important for maintenance of health. Example: 100lbs of bodyweight: the person needs 50 ounces of spring or R/O water daily, with no additional exertion. Carbonated drinks of any kind should not be consumed by anyone EVER. Coke contains 1 teaspoon of sugar per ounce: 12 ounces=12 teaspoons of sugar. If diet Coke is your drink of choice, aspartame is the artificial sweetener one molecule removed from formaldehyde. When a person drinks a diet drink, the aspartame becomes formaldehyde in the body. Diet drinks begin the process of "pickling" your insides long before the funeral home begins working on your remains.

VI. Organic Food
Organic food is preferred, if one can eat organic chicken, pacific wild caught fish, and organic meat, they can lessen the load of toxic chemicals in the body. Breakfast can be almond milk in the blender with Jay Robb’s egg white protein, ice and strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. Jay Robb’s protein is available at Kroger, HEB, and online. Frozen fruit is also acceptable. Patients should eat every two hours while awake. Ruth’s Hemp bars are an excellent snack. They have no sugar or glutens, and are available in many fruit flavors. You can find them at Ruth' Another great snack is organic hard cooked eggs. We usually hard cook a dozen organic eggs one day a week, peel them, and load them into bags. This is a great snack between meals. Another go-to snack is roasted chicken breast. Coat the breasts with Olive Oil, garlic powder, pepper, and Sea or Celtic salt. Roast in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Take the meat off in strips and load into zip lock snack bags.

VII. Toxic Metals, Chemo, and Radiation
Chemo is composed of toxic metal and chemicals. If left in the body, there is some belief that they can lead to a reoccurrence or growth of a new cancer. If toxic metals are indicated on the toxic metal test, EDTA suppositories can be given three nights a week at home, to remove toxic metals. For the test, toxic metals are "provoked" out of the cell using blue green algae tablets for 5 days. Collection occurs on the 6th day. Results are then sent to Doctors Data in Chicago. After results are received of the toxic metal test, the patient should determine if they have mercury fillings in their mouth. If so, they should contact a biological dentist for removal. In the Houston area we recommend Dr. Bill Glaros on Kuykendahl or Dr. Marilyn Jones on Bering Drive. Mercury has no half life. This means the toxic vapor is released forever! After results of toxic metal test are received and the patient is free of mercury, the blue green algae tablets can be used ongoing to remove the remaining toxic metals, if one would rather not utilize a suppository.

VIII. Far Infrared Sauna
Patients should invest in a Far Infrared sauna in the home for detoxification of radiation and or chemotherapy treatments. The sauna for one person is sufficient. Detoxification should be ongoing, even if a person has not suffered cancer. If a person believes we are not swimming around in a toxic soup, they are unaware of the toxicity in America today. Sauna should be utilized at least 3 times weekly for about 20 minutes at a time. When beginning sauna therapy, daily use would be recommended. The brand we recommend is High Tech Health Saunas: 1(800)794-5355. If you mention Dr. McGehee’s name, a $500.00 discount will be given to you. The cost is $2,500.00.

IX. Melatonin and Sleep
Melatonin: 20 to 60 mg nightly/if cancer is present, 500 milligrams per night. Melatonin increases serotonin and immune system markers. Natural melatonin levels drop with age. Some older adults have none at all. That is one of the reasons for depression in older adults. During the shorter days of the winter months, your body produces melatonin either earlier or later in the day than usual. This change can lead to symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or winter depression.

Melatonin is a powerful immune modulator. Research has proven large doses of Melatonin to be safe for people with cancer. In order to awaken adrenal function every morning, a LED light is a fantastic addition to anyone’s regimen. It is also useful for jetlag. The light is used for 20 minutes every morning to help the adrenal gland produce Cortisol for the energy needs of the day. The light can be purchased for about $170.00 online.

X. Gallbladder/Liver Cleanse
To cleanse the body of toxins, a gallbladder/liver cleanse should be performed on a regular basis. The malic acid/magnesium is supplied by our office. Instructions for the cleanse are included at the end of this article.

XI. Water System
Another useful tool for recovery is the reverse osmosis water system for the home at the point water enters the home, with additional filtration for the drinking and the cooking source in the kitchen. Municipal water systems are "disinfected “with chlorine for bacterium, and fluoride to "help us retain our teeth." Chlorine is a toxic chemical, and surely will compromise the recovery of a cancer patient. A 15 minute shower in chlorinated water is the equivalent of drinking a cup of swimming pool water. Patients should equip their shower head with a reverse osmosis filter, and take ONLY showers!

If the patient has a chlorine disinfected swimming pool, they should not swim in it. An alternative would be conversion to a salt water pool. Another type of water system that could be a benefit to the patient is the Alkaline Water Treatment System. This small device changes the pH of your water from acid to alkaline. The device is manufactured by High Tech Health (303)413-8500. Because cancer thrives in an acid pH, the alkaline is the answer for anyone who has had or has cancer.

XII. Glycemic Index
Another critical component of recovery is the observation of the Glycemic index; which is calculated to indicate how quickly food turns to sugar. One slice of white bread has a glycemic index score of 100. No one should eat any foods with a score over 50. A copy of the Glycemic Index is included. Dairy products should be avoided with the exception of a bit of organic butter. Wheat and gluten products, which turn to sugar upon ingestion, should also be removed from the diet. Blue Diamond manufactures nut and rice crackers which are delicious, and available at your local grocery store.
Gluten free bread or spelt bread are suitable substitutes occasionally! Routinely, cancer patients are instructed to eat pies, cakes, ice cream, drink coke, eat hamburgers, and chicken fried steaks; keep the weight up! Actually cancer thrives on sugar, so it should be avoided. Cancer patients should eat meat and fish protein, vegetables, and salad. Fatty foods or carbohydrates turn immediately to sugar when ingested. Some patients have actually
produced the wrapper from the whole wheat bread. See no sugar listed on the label. Quite right, but when the yeast touches your tongue, it is sugar!

XIII. The Endocrine System
The body system clearly impacted by cancer treatment is the endocrine. The endocrine is composed of the thyroid, sex hormones, and adrenal system. Testing needs to be performed for adrenal and bio identical hormone replacement using saliva collection. Saliva collection is the preferred method of testing, because it yields "free" hormone values. Blood testing only yields hormone values which have bound to albumin and globulin. If the patient cannot produce saliva, blood testing can be substituted.
This is the aspect of our program may be confusing for some patients. Oncologists tell their patients that "hormones" can feed cancer. They are actually partially correct. Synthetic hormones cooked up in the lab can indeed encourage cancer growth. These are pharmaceutical hormones available at CVS and Walgreens. Synthetic hormones are 78 percent identical to the body. That percentage actually does not sound so bad, but imagine if the key to your home was only 78 percent identical to the lock! We compound individually formulated, plant-based hormones. It is impossible and unrealistic to imagine that consumption of plant based hormones could "feed cancer". If that were the case, cancer patients should cease eating vegetables!

XIV. Spiritual Regrowth
After endurance of cancer, the surgery, treatment, anxiety, and depression, the person becomes wounded; wounded in the way that the patient no longer feels “like their old self”. Ideas for spiritual regrowth may include volunteering a portion of your time to those less fortunate than you are. Volunteering in cancer treatment facilities might be a good place to begin your spiritual regrowth. Meditate or pray daily. Use visualization techniques to imagine your cancer going away, and exiting the body. Also imagine your life as a cancer free person. Cancer changes the patient and the family forever. The changes need to be embraced. Many times the person we become after a long illness is stronger, wiser, and hopefully grateful for the blessings they have.
Another aspect of healing involves letting go of any anger or resentment you have toward others; who may have "wronged you” in some way. This may be the hardest request we ask of you. Complete healing will not occur without total forgiveness of everything negative that has occurred. Many patients feel anger at the cancer for hurting them. Yes, the cancer needs to be forgiven also.
We have experienced main stream cancer treatment first hand in our family. For twenty years we traveled to M. D. Anderson for "treatment". Treat they did, to the limits of the insurance, and/or the life span of the patient. Your continued survival is now in your hands. Most of the beliefs and half truths you have learned from your cancer center will no longer serve you in your post treatment phase of your life. Now we must cleanse the body of the "treatments" that have been given to you. We believe we can impart to you the tools you need to live a long and healthy life. Always with God's help!

Related books on Natural medicine and cancer are:
“Knockout by Suzanne Somers”
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