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Why All Americans Should Know About Chelation Therapy

Posted By Guest Post by Malissa Stawicki of Natural Medicine & Detox, Friday, September 13, 2019

It’s so sad and really unbelievable that here in America today most people have never heard of Chelation Therapy. There are many reasons why people should know about Chelation and why they should get it.

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what Chelation Therapy does and how.

Chelation Therapy does two things:

1)     Remove heavy metals from the body

2)     Remove calcification/plaque in the arteries, capillaries and veins

When EDTA (Ethylendiamine Tetraacetic Acid) is injected into the blood, it binds to heavy metals and minerals in the body such as lead. Next, these poisonous materials are released through the kidneys then urine. In addition, calcium deposits (the part of plaque that obstructs the flow of blood to the heart), is also released.

So why should individuals know about Chelation Therapy?

Most people have heard about the devastating health effects of heavy metals toxicity. The list of heavy metals is long, along with the myriad illnesses they can cause. Chronic exposure can result in damaged body organs and may increase the risk of cancer. This begs the question: Could the vast exposure to heavy metals be one reason so many Americans are being diagnosed with cancer? I would say, ABSOLUTELY! Cancer is right behind heart disease, as one of the leading causes of death.

A commonly asked question is: “Where does heavy metal toxicity come from?” Heavy metal exposure can come from the very water that we drink! Just look what is happening to people affected by the water supply in Flint, Michigan. Other heavy metals are found in our food, medication and the environment. They are present in the air, dust, soil and many manmade products. Unfortunately, heavy metals can be easily absorbed by our skin and just by simply breathing and eating. 

Some common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Exposures can cause heart abnormalities, anemia, behavior changes and brain dysfunction such as memory loss.

There’s currently a lot of controversy around the theory that aluminum metal is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease. When you see how many products contain aluminum and the massive number of people effected by Alzheimer’s, it really should make you wonder.  

Even if Chelation Therapy only helped the body detoxify from heavy metals and reduced the amount of cancer cases, don’t you think that would be enough of a reason to do it?

The fact is, Chelation Therapy does much more. In addition to helping rid the body of heavy metal pollution, which many experts believe is a cardiovascular risk, it also helps the body remove build-up in the cardiovascular (circulatory) system. The heart and blood vessels consist of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins. Studies have shown EDTA has reduced atherosclerotic plaque and other mineral deposits throughout the cardiovascular system, especially the hardened arteries around the heart.

There is no question, Chelation is the answer to reducing Heart Disease, the number one cause of death in America today. EDTA Chelation not only treats heart disease, it can also prevent heart attacks and strokes. Listen to this mans testimony. He had a heart attack and stent put in, and was on a lot of medications. He didn’t like how he felt so he stopped taking the medications he was on and started Chelation Therapy. Since his Chelation treatments, he has had no more symptoms or difficulties since.

Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases are the fifth cause of death in America. They can develop from a variety of causes, including atherosclerosis where the arteries become narrow. This can cause blood clot in an artery of the brain.

If you are reading this article and looking at the links I have included, you’re probably saying to yourself… “if Chelation Therapy really does so much good for one’s health, why haven’t I heard of it?”

The sad reality is that America’s present medical system heavily profits from treating health problems rather than preventing them. Though Chelation Therapy has been used for many years, it has been largely suppressed due to the current medical profit model. It has only been in the last few years that it has received public acknowledgement for studies such as TACT. Yet, Chelation still isn’t covered by insurance nor offered by most MD’s (Doctor of Medicine) or DO’s (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine).

But there’s some good news: There are doctors trained in Chelation Therapy who are providing it to their patients with great success. Typically they are Naturopathic Doctors or MD, MD(H) who have a second license to practice holistic medicine. For more information on where to find a doctor in your area who is certified in Chelation Therapy, please visit

I encourage you to educate yourself on this amazing therapy. Education is key, as is prevention. Along with Chelation, some other great therapies that help your body detox include regular infrared sauna’s, colon hydrotherapy and eating organic fresh produce. We live in a toxic world and detoxifying our bodies is absolutely essential in order to live healthy and happy lives.



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Chelation Therapy: What You Need to Know

Posted By ANH: Alliance for Natural Health USA, Friday, June 3, 2016

Chelation therapy has been receiving a lot of attention lately for the accumulating evidence of its effectiveness in treating patients—but also from regulators whose recent actions threaten to eliminate access to important chelation drugs.

Is chelation safe?
Despite concerns voiced by regulators, recent evidence has shown that intravenous therapy with edetate disodium (EDTA) to treat cardiovascular disease is safe. In a study of the NIH-sponsored Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT), Dr. Jeanne Drisko and co-authors concluded, “The experience with 55,222 infusions of edetate disodium or placebo in TACT shows that this therapy is safe when used according to the TACT safe infusion protocol.”[1]

What are the threats to future access?
Recent events show a number of reasons to be concerned about continuing access to chelation therapy in your practice.

FDA compounding rules.
In 2013, Congress passed the Drug Quality and Security Act which tightened federal control over compounding pharmacies. This law set guidelines for what can be compounded at “traditional” pharmacies (503A facilities) and outsourcing pharmacies (503B facilities). Among other things, these rules limit the substances that can be compounded by traditional pharmacies to those that either 1) have US Pharmacopoeia monographs, 2) are components of approved drugs, or 3) appear on a pre-approved list by the FDA. 503B facilities will only be able to compound drugs that appear on a separate pre-approved list, which has not yet been finalized.

Recent meetings strongly suggest that many natural substances and substances used by integrative doctors are being rejected for inclusion on the FDA’s pre-approved list for 503A pharmacies, meaning they will be illegal to compound. An FDA advisory committee has already rejected curcumin, aloe vera, boswellia, and acetyl-L-carnitine, to name just a few.

This means it is extremely unlikely that doctors and patients will continue to have access to:

·        Compounded chelation drugs such as dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA)

·        DMPS (sodium 2,3-dimercaptopropane-1-sulfonate)

·        Compounded IV nutrients

·        Compounded supplements (even though many supplements have monographs, the FDA has said supplements must be pre-approved to be legally compounded)

Recent regulations have also made it illegal for doctors to keep compounded medications from 503A facilities in their offices without a prescription, a practice known as “office use.” This has increased the cost of these medications, not to mention the added hassle for patients. Medications without prescriptions from 503B facilities can continue, but the list of medications that can be legally compounded by 503B facilities will be limited.

EDTA on the chopping block?
In response to patient deaths allegedly linked to chelation therapy, the FDA is reviewing the “benefit/risk profile of [EDTA] to determine if the benefits of its intended use continue to outweigh the serious risks.”[1] Given the agency’s antipathy towards integrative medicine, it is likely to take action against EDTA.

State Medical Board Hostility.
State medical boards have been historically aggressive against doctors using chelation therapy—totaling 194 actions over 40 years. Mostly these actions have been against doctors using chelation without proving heavy metal toxicity with a blood—even though blood tests are not a reliable measure for heavy metal toxicity, since metals circulate in blood for a short time before concentrating in tissue.

Medical boards in Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oregon have taken official positions on chelation that threaten action against doctors using chelation beyond FDA-approved uses.[2]

What can you do?

·        Follow the developments regarding chelation therapy at 

·        Participate in ANH-USA action alerts that urge lawmakers and regulators to preserve access to chelation therapy.

·        Share your story with ANH-USA at


[1] Poster: Post-myocardial Infarction Treatment with Edetate Disodium Was Safe in the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) - Jeanne A. Drisko MD, Karen P. Alexander MD, Rhonda S. Roberts MSPH, L. Terry Chappell, MD, Kerry L. Lee PhD, Robin Boineau MD, Daniel B. Mark MD, Richard L. Nahin PhD, Christine Goertz DC PhD, Yves Rosenberg MD, Gervasio A. Lamas MD. TACT chelation infusion: disodium EDTA, 3 grams, adjusted downward baed on eGFRl ascorbic acid, 7 grams; magnesium chloride, 2 grams; potassium chloride, 2 mEq; sodium bicarbonate, 840 mg; pantothenic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine; procaine, 100 mg; unfractionated heparin, 2500 U; sterile water to 500 mL


[3] See, for example, this notice from the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners:


Visit to learn about ACAM's exclusive Chelation Advanced Provider Training

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