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A Digital Blackout Day

Posted By Carol L. Hunter PhD, PMHCNS, CNP, Friday, September 15, 2017

One of the things I love about blogging is featuring people and their businesses that I believe are making a contribution to the betterment of the human race in one way or another. A note of caution is that there are many who are doing just that outside my frame of reference or understanding, so to those physicists out there, I apologize. Over a year ago I came across Darren Hardy, a psychologist. I would call him a motivational speaker with a genuine ability to connect with others.  On one particular day he talked about taking a break from the digital world. I stopped and thought about how important this was. After all, I was just like everyone else, waiting in the grocery checkout line, checking my email messages on my phone. And checking them again in the doctor’s waiting room, and oh yea, the vet’s waiting room, as my dogs paced around me. Yes, feeling connected to everyone on the rest of the planet is good but like everything in life, it can be overdone to the point where you have trouble relaxing, where you now have a chain around your neck, and it’s heavy.

My designated day was Friday because I have it off, so I gave some thought as to how I would proceed. Hmmm, sometimes Friday is the only day I get a chance to talk to my daughters, when they are busy with their weekend plans. Some work related topic invariably comes up on a Friday. Medication refill requests and other telephone and paperwork requests keep cropping up, reminding me of scooping out a shovelful of sand on the beach, only to have it immediately fill up with water. As fast as I can address the issues, more take their place. I pondered how I would accomplish such a feat. Here is what Darren Hardy said and I really love his words:

Disconnect Day
A day for undisturbed creative production or rest and recovery
A day when my grand intentions will not be squandered in the vortex of reacting to the solicitations of other people’s agendas

I will declare a Disconnect Day to avoid the siren call of the Matrix
I will have a day unencumbered by the demands of the digital world
I will be free for 24 hours -

His words are worth thinking about. How would you go about setting aside such a day? I haven’t found it to be easy, but I have found it to be a very worthwhile goal. It definitely helps to plan ahead. First, how are you going to spend this precious, unencumbered time? Face to face time with family and friends are most likely number one on the list, but a little alone time never hurts. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to paint? To play an instrument? To take your dog on a full day’s hike to that picture of the quiet lake in your brain?  What about the opportunity to take on that project around the house you’ve been putting off? Mine is painting the patio furniture. Don’t forget about some pampering like a massage or bath in essential oils. Any time spent outside the digital grid is good and nourishing to the soul. I believe that this sacred time helps to shore up our defenses against the inevitable stress of daily life. Life will always be throwing curveballs at us and yesterday was a good example. My automatic gate did not close all the way and despite the small gap, all three of my dogs squeezed through and decided to go on an adventure. Thankfully, they hadn’t wandered very far and were busy sniffing bushes, but I hate to think how that would have played out had I not been home. So, grab a bowl of fresh, delicious cucumber soup and get started on your digital checkout day. You’ll be glad you did.

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