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Dr. Warren M. Levin- Mentor, Innovator, and Friend of ACAM

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Former Patients:

As many of you know, Warren (Dr. Warren M. Levin, MD) aka Saba for Grandpa, Dad, Brother, and so much more to so many, relocated to Atlanta, GA in August 2015.  For him it has been a wonderful retirement filled with reading endlessly, doing level 5+ Sudoku, crossword puzzles and jig saw puzzles. It has also been a time for him to sleep as much as he wants and only waking up when he wants. He tells everyone that he is in retirement, and he is not to be disturbed until he is ready. He eats what he wants and when he wants and totally enjoying it. After 50+ years of serving others, he is now being served.

With his legacy website ( continues to hear from former patients as well as new patients wanting to just have a few minutes of his time to consult with them. He has received and continues to receive letters from patients from as long ago as perhaps 40 years ago. Remarkable, wouldn’t you agree? 

It is not often that a Physician touches so many people and supports them in helping them to recover and achieve optimal wellness. What a gift. 

In my recent travels, I have had the privilege of seeing Dr. Levin’s colleagues that we have not connected with for years. Hearing their stories of how Warren Levin touched them, mentored them, inspired them and helped transform their lives and the lives of their patients. Most recently I was so touched by the kind words from Jeffrey Bland, PhD.,  Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD., and Dr. Michael Gerber all describing how Dr. Levin influenced their lives. I have been moved to tears and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  They come at a very special time.

Dr. Warren Levin was closely acquainted with Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Jonas Salk, MD PhD. and Dr. Hans Selye, the Father of Stress. He was also privileged to meet 5 other Nobel Prize winners. Other luminaries closely related in Dr. Levin’s life are Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. William Rea, Dr. Theron Randolph, Dr. Virginia Livingston Jackson, MD, Dr. Bruce Halstead, Dr. Elmer Cranton, MD Dr. Richard Casdorf, MD, and Dr. James Carter, MD. PhD. Dr. James Frackelton, MD Dr. Michael Schachter, MD, Dr.  Murray Susser, MD, Dr. Ross Gordon and Dr. Garry Gordon, Dr. Bob Atkins, Dr. David Steenblock, MD. Dr. Johnathan Wright, Dr. Alan Gaby, MD, Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD, Dr. Richard Horowitz, MD, Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, Dr. Martin Waugh, DO, and Dr. Carlton Fredricks, PhD, Dr. Sidney Baker, MD, Dr. John Trowbridge,MD, Dr. David Perlmutter, MD and  Dr. Terry Chappell, MD  just to name a few.  

 Along with this exciting and stimulating time, it was certainly intermingled with times of great stress, angst and struggle. However, there have been angels in our life that helped support the complementary medicine movement and believed in Dr. Warren Levin, his alternative medical mission and his integrity.  

Today, Dr. Levin is facing the next steps in life’s transition. He has now entered into kidney failure. Having only one kidney, dialysis not being an option for him in terms of his quality of life, we have now been given the gift of whatever precious time there is available to us. Because of all the incredible sharing of thoughts and memories most recently, I am reaching out to each and every one of you to put your pen to paper and share your memories and experiences -- the special gifts he has given to all of you freely, with love and integrity. 

I have been privileged to be beside him. He has been a mentor and I have soaked in as much as possible. For me now, I have chosen that my work is to carry on his work and make a difference in people’s lives. Please be so kind as to share how Dr. Levin has impacted your life and work.

I ask that you forward your letters to Dr. Sue Vogan,, who has offered to help organize this tribute to Dr. Warren Levin. We will put a book together that he will be given so that he will be comforted in these final days. The book will also serve as a treasure for his friends and family so that may be consoled and encouraged for years to come by the sentiments. 

Susan Levin

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