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How to Eat Clean in a Toxic World

Posted By Frank O. McGehee, Jr, MD, CCN, Thursday, May 7, 2015
The reason most food purchased at the grocery store is no longer healthy to eat is the pursuit of profit by the farmers, food companies, grocery stores, popular chain and other eateries, and the inability of most of America to pay or understand the need for "clean" food. Commercials on television also add to the problem, by advertising delicious looking fast food at a cheap price. The reality is that the food is laden with preservatives, nitrites, food coloring, flavor enhancers, growth hormone, anti-biotics, and excess sodium and fat.

Years ago, scientists discovered genetic modified organics or GMO alterations to the food sources. The clever name they gave to the altered food was Genetically Modified Organics, or GMO. The thought process was that placing pesticide inside the seed would lessen disease, and cut the cost of food production. Indeed, that is exactly what occurred. Unfortunately, when the mad scientists rearranged the DNA of the food, they failed to realize the modified food would rearrange OUR DNA! Human beings are not able to digest and process pesticide ridden food.

In addition, minerals and vitamins usually found in fresh vegetables are diminished by the addition of pesticides. The body is so busy trying to store and dispose of pesticides; few minerals are available to nourish the body.

The mad food scientists have not stopped their tinkering with fruit and vegetables. They have also poisoned chicken, pork, hamburger, and all other red meats. The addition of growth hormone in all dairy products has lessened the time needed to raise an animal and get it to market. Costs on meat injected with Growth hormone are much less than organic or grass fed beef.

Years after the addition of Growth Hormone in meats, eggs, milk, and all non-organic dairy, we routinely see young girls at 10 years or younger starting their menses. The age used to be 13 or 14 for this event. No one could think this is a good idea. There are additional problems with cow milk. Non organic cow milk is just that. The milk is replete with antibiotics and growth hormone. Because cow milk is from another species than our own, it creates mucus in the body; because we cannot assimilate it. We are the only species that drinks the milk of another. A great choice for milk is Almond Milk without sugar added. Almond milk actually has more Vitamin D than cow milk, and none of the unpleasant side effects.

In addition, the mad food scientists have discovered that animals injected with Anti-Biotics have less disease. The problem of Fungal overgrowth is rampant in America today. Every day hundreds of thousands of times patients are offered Z packs of antibiotics without benefit of Probiotics. It is really quite a good idea to set up a rampant fungal overgrowth. The situation
guarantees return business in the future. It is our belief and that of other natural medicine providers that all disease can be squarely laid at the door of Fungus.

An additional danger to your food source lies in the chemical substitutes for Butter. Some of the offenders are Country Crock, Better than Butter, and Margarine. These products are CHEMICALS! They are not for human consumption. Buy a stick of non-salted organic butter, and you will not believe how fresh it tastes!

Other areas of danger to your health lie in cereals, protein bars, processed cookies, potato chips, peanuts, and most other "snacks" served at football parties. People need to read the label! If there is an ingredient you cannot pronounce, DO NOT BUY IT!

Another area of concern is the Campbell Soups, the lining is Bisphenol-A, which kills pests on crops. It is a frank poison, but also a preservative. Beware if there is no expiration date on a food! Persons who wish to maintain their health and the health of their family should never eat ANYTHING from a can that is non-organic!

Foods to avoid or drink for healthful eating are processed foods or food in a box. Vegetables that are frozen are acceptable as long as there is no sauce on them. The consumer should not heat and eat in the bag in the microwave. Plasticides are not part of what is for dinner!

A new sugar substitute is called TRUVIA, it is manufactured by a joint venture of the Coca Cola Company and the Cargill Company. Do not be fooled! There is actually no Stevia in TRUVIA!

The ingredients are Erithritol, Rebiana, and "natural flavors". Natural flavors is the loophole given to food manufacturers to place any ingredient in a food that they wish to. Yes that includes MSG, flavor enhancers, color enhancers, preservatives, and any other chemical the mad food scientists can think of that will preserve the product, and make the food taste so good the consumer will continue purchasing the product.

Erithritol is a product of GMO corn. Rebiana is the chemical formula for Stevia. A group of U.C.L.A. Scientists wrote to the FDA to express their concerns about Rebiana. Laboratory testing revealed gene mutations with Rebiana.

Some of you may say why do the food companies not manufacture Stevia? The reason is that natural substances such as vitamin C and stevia cannot be patented. Only chemical combinations can be patented. Another artificial sweetener to be avoided is Splenda. Splenda began as sugar, and was modified by removing one molecule and inserting Chlorine. Chlorine is the antibacterial we use to disinfect swimming pools. I do not wish for it with my glass of ice tea.

Most bread should be avoided. Yes, even multigrain wheat bread. The yeast in bread when consumed, turns immediately to sugar, and feeds fungal overgrowth. The mad food scientists have insinuated pesticide in the wheat seed, to protect the wheat against disease. So if you are eating store bought wheat bread, you are getting a dose of pesticide with each bite,and you cannot detox out of your system.

The best choice for bread is Spelt from a bakery that uses organic spelt. Spelt is also low on the glycemic index, as well as low in yeast. Another good choice is Flatbread. Since there is no yeast, a good choice is Subway. The only problem with Subway is the meats have Nitrites, which are detrimental health. Sometimes though, there is not a choice if one is on the road.

Carbonated drinks of almost any kind should be looked upon as poison. Have you ever noticed the obese women in the grocery store with suitcases full of diet drinks? The reason is the phosphate or fizzy actually dehydrates the body. The aspartame then works its wicked ways, and causes gene mutations as it permanently deposits itself in the cell. One little known fact is that Aspartame is one molecule away from formaldahyde. When ingested, the aspartame becomes formaldahyde. Persons drinking diet drinks are beginning the funeral home work to their body in advance of death!

Earlier, we touched on sodium nitrites, which is a preservative for deli meats, beef jerky, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, frozen pizza with meats, canned soups with meat, frozen meals with meat, kid's meals containing meat, sandwich meat served at public schools, hospitals, hotels, theme parks, and most popular eating establishments.

"In 2005, the University of Hawaii reported processed foods increase he the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%!" . “Another study revealed that for every 50 grams of processed meat consumed daily, the rate of colon cancer increased by 21%.!” .

The answer to protect your family against these carcinogenic chemicals is to eat grass fed or organic meats. Many varieties are available on the Internet and at Whole Foods, and most large grocery stores.

Eating fish purchased at the grocery store can also be dangerous to your health. Atlantic salmon is so polluted; red food coloring must be added to make it look edible. There are many sources for fresh caught Pacific salmon; always a good choice, another source of concern is Tuna fish. Tuna is a large fish, and not a deep water fish, meaning it lives a long time, allowing it to absorb the toxic metals in the ocean. Years of ongoing medical and industrial dumping have severely polluted the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. If one insists upon eating Tuna, do so no more than once a month. The best fish choices are deep water fish, such as Halibut.

It is not a coincidence that millions of people are now suddenly gluten sensitive; and unable to eat the bread and most other foods in the main stream food sources. Eating at most restaurants is potentially dangerous for gluten sensitive people. The flat top is heat source for most restaurants. Food is cross-contaminated with gluten by the buns being toasted on it. Gluten will now be imparted to chicken, pork, and meat eaten by the patrons of the restaurants.

If families wish to “eat clean”, all meat, chicken, and pork should be organic. In the case of red meat, should be grass fed. The only fish that should be consumed is Pacific caught. Atlantic fish has been corrupted by extensive dumping of waste in the waters.

Luckily, organic fruits and vegetables are readily available. We cringe when we see advertisements for vegetables that “cook in their own bag in the microwave”. Really? We do not wish for plasticides as an addition to our dinner. Plasticides also incorrectly convert to estrogen when ingested. Hormonal cancers are one the rise in spite of more sophisticated diagnostic testing.

All products consumed in the home need to be organic. A list of some is: butter, half and half, eggs, ice cream, frozen treats, sour cream, jams, jellies, pancake mix and syrup, tomato sauce, bread, bacon without nitrites, peanuts, chips, cereal, fruit drinks, coffee, sugar, flour, dry spices, cake mix, deli meat, chicken and beef broth and salt and pepper. In other words, everything one eats should be organic if possible.

One of our dear friends, who is now departed, wanted to argue the point with us about organic food. He said, “Show me a credible study that proves organic food is better for you than conventionally grown with pesticides?” No I do not have a study proving organic food is better for you. What I said to him was, “this is America, and if I do not wish pesticides in my food, it is my right to purchase it.” As I said, he departed with cancer in 2012.

Last but not least is the wine produced in America. The grapes if not organic are sprayed with toxic pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. We are the richest country in the world and also the only country using pesticides on our wine. Even the least expensive wine from another country is better for you than non organic wine for the USA. Beer has not escaped the mad food scientists either. Have you ever wondered why beer from other countries always tastes better? The technology of GMO is not accepted by even the poorest country in Africa. Yes beer drinkers, the genetically altered wheat, barley, and malt seed is infused with pesticides in this country.

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