Integrative Medicine Academy: A Fundamental Guide to the Basics
ACAM is proud to offer the new "Integrative Medicine Academy." Beginning with an intensive self-study, the program guides you into the world of Integrative Medicine with a practical knowledge from the ground-up. Our world class faculty will lead you from forms and vendors to navigating the gap between Western and Integrative Medicine, leaving you with a valuable fund of practical knowledge and an immediately useful set of skills that would normally take years of study and practice to develop.

The hands-on practicum taking place prior to the Annual Meeting requires attendees take the pre-requisite self-study available at This seven session series, each lasting between 1 ½ -2 hours, will feature our presenters sharing their hard-earned insights and practice tips that will quickly enable you to become an effective and critical-thinking Integrative Practitioner.

Allen "Buddy" Green, MD

Dr. Allen “Buddy” Green has over 20 years of experience working in integrative healthcare settings with various practitioners of complementary and alternative healthcare. He is the founder and medical director of the Center for Optimum Health which offers comprehensive traditional Family Medicine with Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine and Homeopathy. Dr. Green has been an active member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine for the majority of his career; he is immediate past President of ACAM and currently sits on its Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Dr. Green has been particularly successful at bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. In the past he served as chairman of Department of Family Practice as well as chairman of the Bioethics Committee at that same hospital. There are several areas that Dr. Green’s practice focuses on such as longevity medicine, immune enhancement and balancing, detoxification and cleansing, neurotransmitter balancing, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, allergy and environmental medicine, and nutrition. The aim of Dr. Green’s practice is to enhance and optimize health, prevent disease, and treat illness, all as safely, naturally, and as non-toxically as possible.

Dr. Green has indicated that he has no financial relationships with any commercial supporters.


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