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Deborah Ardolf, ND

Deborah Ardolf, ND is a uniquely trained naturopathic physician. Besides her doctorate degree, she obtained a Masters in Speech Language Pathology. Through this degree she obtained exceptional medical experience in trauma, neurology, substance abuse, infectious disease, auto-immunity, and oncology through the Veterans Administration and The Queens Medical Center. On her pursuit to a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine, she studied with a Researcher who focused a majority of his work in the field of Immunology. Ironically, his treatment approach favored the natural, self-treating-self approach. He perfected many highly effective and all natural treatment techniques, discovered buried in the research literature. Dr. Ardolf is now practicing naturopathic medicine in the state of Hawaii. Her emphasis continues to be in immunology as this is where she can make the greatest impact on the health of mankind. She can be contacted at (808) 498-4018. To find out more information, view her website


Laura Elayne Firetag, ND
Dr. Laura Elayne Firetag, ND was born and raised in the historic city of Charleston, SC. She graduated with honors and as a board scholar from the renowned Academic Magnet High School before successfully acquiring a BS in Dietetics from The University of Georgia in Athens, GA. She then attended Bastyr University in Seattle, WA where she pursued and received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Firetag's clinical interests include, but are not limited to, primary care, asthma management, diabetes management, stress management, environmental medicine, obesity, women’s health, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, thyroid disorders, GERD, IBS, SIBO, cardiovascular disease, food sensitivities and MTHFR support. To restore well-being and optimize health, Dr. Firetag specializes in the use of many healing modalities such as medical nutrition therapy, biofeedback, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, craniosacral therapy, counseling and homeopathy.

Dr. Firetag’s approach to healing focuses on assessing and addressing the root cause of illness rather than the elimination of symptoms. Every treatment plan composed by Dr. Firetag is individualized and based on each patient’s resources and needs.
Dennis Harper, DC, ND
Dr. Harper has been an instrumental leader in molding the laws, standards and policies in the State of Idaho for the Chiropractic profession, and is actively engaged in the advancement of healthcare nationally. He has successfully practiced for over 34 years treating over 19 thousand patients. Using O3 Restore Treatment has performed over 20,000 Ozone/Vitamin injection treatments in the last 6 years.

Dr. Harper continually strives to improve health care practices through education, teaching, seminars and mentorship. His broad scope medical expertise has allowed him to become highly effective in the examination and patient diagnosis process. His examination and diagnostic techniques have allowed him to produce highly successful treatments. READ COMPLETE BIO

Jeffrey Hendricks, MD

As a physician, Dr. Hendricks has practiced emergency medicine, occupational medicine, family medicine, and alternative and integrative medicine. Dr. Hendricks has served as medical director for Shoreline Occupational Medicine, Bosch Automo­tive Corp., and Shoreline Alternative and Integrative Medicine,. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Advisor to Axiom Nutraceuticals and Medical Director to Axiom Laboratories where he develops new products using the latest in Nutritional biochemistry research.  As the Medical Director for Axiom Laboratories, Dr. Hendricks is responsible for oversight and approval of all formulations that the lab produces, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy possible.  Dr Hendricks also owns the clinical practice Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Center in Landrum, SC, an integrative medicine practice focused on prevention and nutritional therapies. READ COMPLETE BIO


Howard Hindin, DDS
Howard Hindin is the co-founder of the Hindin Center for Whole Health Dentistry. A graduate of New York University Dental School, Dr. Hindin is a pioneer in the field of integrating the medical and dental needs of patients. He was one of the first practitioners to eliminate the use of mercury filling from his practice.

Dr. Hindin is the first dentist to be elected to the Board of ACAM. He is co-founder of the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry, (AAPMD), created to raise awareness and to provide education, training and research on the far-reaching, often unrecognized effects of airway/sleep disorders. The AAPMD is a practitioner and patient organization emphasizing the importance of a team approach.

Carol L. Hunter, PhD, PMHCNS, CNP

Dr. Carol Hunter, PhD, PMHCNS, CNP, has been in clinical practice as an advanced practice nurse specializing in mental health for the last 29 years. In the course of treating those with mental disorders, Dr. Hunter learned early on about the importance of diet and exercise as treatment modalities. As an avid organic gardener for the last 44 years, her recipes always contain the freshest ingredients possible. As a fitness enthusiast, she not only was certified for many years as a group exercise instructor and personal fitness trainer but also completed two years of doctoral work in the exercise science program at the University of New Mexico before completing her degree in health education.


Amber Passini, MD
Dr. Amber Passini MD, owner and Medical Director of Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Center in Landrum, SC,  is one of the premier integrative medicine physicians practicing today.  Having both a classical medical background as a medical doctor, and extensive training in a multitude of alternative medicine therapies,  her expertise is sought by patients from around the country.  Biogenesis Medical Center is where the protocol for the TACT Trial (trial to assess chelation therapy) originated and is one of the leading centers for Complementary/Integrative Medicine in the Southeast.

Dr. Passini is also on the Medical Advisory Board for both Axiom Laboratories in Cedartown, GA and NOX Generation LLC, out of Newnan, GA where she is responsible for formulating nutritional supplements based on the latest research.  With her expertise in detox, thryoid conditions, hormones, allergy, and neuroendocrine dysfunction, her input has proven to be invaluable.


Murray Susser, MD

Some people would describe Murray “Buz” Susser ’66 as one of “those California way-out doctors,” implying a physician who doles out a healthy dose of philosophy or mysticism along with his ministrations. It’s true that Susser treats some of his patients with nutritional approaches, consults a chiropractor for his own bad back, and personally cares for his share of the stars.

While Susser’s practice is clearly a non run-of-the-mill, neither is it particularly “far-out.” Rather, the Pitt-trained physician combines a firm foundation of traditional family practice (in which he is board certified) with those aspects of nutritional medicine that seem to be valid. In his comfortable, slightly cluttered office, a book on nutrition sits alongside Goodman and Gilman’s and the 1991 edition of the PDR. Susser himself still sounds astonished as he recounts the winding path by which his practice has developed. READ COMPLETE BIO

Judith Volpe, MD
I am experienced in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, live cell therapy, neuropeptide therapy, TA-65 and other age management therapies. I also have great experience with autoimmune disorders, liver disease, and cancer. I have a very successful treatment for autoimmune disease from Europe which is only available to a few physicians in the US. Also, there is almost no one in Manhattan offering live cell therapy, which is embryonic animal cell therapy, a sort of stem cell therapy from animals. However, be aware that I do not bill insurance and most alternative medicine therapies, except male and female hormones, are not covered. Hormone preparations from compounding pharmacies are rarely covered by insurance. READ COMPLETE BIO
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