Comprehensive Stem Cell Program

The Advanced Stem Cell Education Program (STF-1101) covers topics ranging from the basic principles of stem cell biology to the current advancements in stem cell research being performed today by leading stem cell physicians, researchers and scientists in the United States. This complete program consists of online lectures covering every topic included in each of the subspecialty courses, and is designed to give you the most comprehensive understanding of this incredible aspect of medicine. Those who enroll in the program will learn how diseases associated with aging are being treated using stem cell therapies. The advanced interactive curriculum teaches physicians to discern which stem cell protocols to recommend to their patients as well as serves as a basis for future research in stem cells and regenerative medicine. Completion of all five learning modules and an exit exam will be required in order to receive a Certification of Completion by The Advanced Stem Cell Education Program acknowledging education on the topic of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapies. Additionally, physicians who complete this program are eligible to claim a maximum of 158 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.


   • This is a complete program with a cost of $8,500.
   • Self-paced open enrollment
   • Physician CME Eligible: Yes: 158 CME AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
   • Program includes digital streaming of lectures and PDF resources
   • Learn instantly with any computer or laptop with a strong internet connection

   • Estimated effort: 6-8 months of material, 4-5 hours/week; 5 modules, 3 recap
     quizzes per model, final exam.


Some background in biology is helpful. This course may contain discussion of unlabeled and/or investigational uses of agents not approved by the FDA. Please consult the prescribing information for each product.

Module One: Basic Principles of Stem Cells
Introduction to the principles of regenerative medicine including current and future perspectives
   • Autologous cell based therapies
   • Allogeneic cell therapies
   • Immunosuppressive properties of mesenchymal stem cells
   • Commercialization of cell therapy
   • Current issues in stem cell based therapies

Module Two: Immunological Basis of Regenerative Medicine
Understand the immunological basis of stem cells in regenerative medicine
   • Understand the mechanisms of tissue regeneration and type of cells involved
   • Understand the chemical/physical induction of repair and regeneration
   • Understand how cells change their phenotype
   • Understand basic principles of somatic cloning and epigenetic reprogramming

Module Three: Stem Cell Tissue and Organ Repair
Understand the principles of cells and tissue development
   • Somatic cells: Growth and expansion potential of T lymphocytes
   • Stem cells derived from cord blood
   • Multipotent adult progenitor cells
   • Skeletal muscle stem cells
   • Retinal, Islet and pancreatic stem cells

Module Four: Therapeutic Applications of Stem Cell Therapy
Understand the principles of therapeutic applications of cell therapy
   • Stem cell therapy for diabetes
   • Cardiovascular regeneration and neovascularization in adults with
      heart disease
   • Musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve regeneration
   • Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative
   • Genitourinary system repair
   • Endothelial progenitor cells and clinical applications

Module Five: Clinical Studies of Stem Cells for Blood Disorders, Chronic Diseases & Disorders of Aging
Introduction to clinical studies of stem cells for hematological malignancies and chronic disease; Understand principles of regulations and ethics as applied to stem cells
   • Ethical considerations in human tissue engineering and therapies
   • US stem cell research policy
   • FDA regulatory process
   • Issues in US patent law


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