This educational program is designed for practitioners to develop skills necessary to successfully medicalize the obesity problem and treat it as a chronic neurochemical and metabolic disorder.

At the end of this archived webinar series, a healthcare provider will be capable of diagnosing and evaluating a patient with obesity; Confidently prescribe and implement a treatment pathway that utilizes behavioral, nutritional, nutraceutical, pharmacologic and hormonal modalities to achieve success; Counsel patients about the principles for long-term maintenance to avoid the syndrome of weight regaining.

When I saw this webinar I thought wow finally this is something I really need to learn about.  I frequently get patients who come in for weight loss. They have been on every type of diet, their hormones are balanced , they have been detoxed, their food allergies have been addressed the list goes on and on and I can’t get them to lose the weight they are looking for.  I felt I hit a brick wall on a daily basis.  Seeing this webinar I hope to break through that wall and finally start to help patients with their weight loss.

- Nancy Lentine, ACAM Member


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